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Everyday Spirit

Happy Sunday all

Well, hello all. It’s been some time hasn’t it since I posted an insight? I’ve been pretty challenged over the last two months or so, as well as extremely busy. In that time many of my thoughts have been on spirit and the nature of spirit’s guidance in my life at this time. I realise, not for the first time that Spirit, does what spirit is want to do, regardless of what WE think it should be doing.

I have to admit to being a little nervous at the moment.

After so many weeks of not posting I have the self-limiting expectation that every word I write has to be some great illuminating ‘KAPOW’ moment for everyone and that’s been paralysing hence such a long break.

But hey, in life one has to bite the bullet…

This probably isn’t a great ‘KAPOW,’ for most, but who knows maybe it’s a gentle nudge for some?


cropped-manuscript-203465_1280.jpgLife has recently changed beyond all imagining and taken me to a completely different continent. I’m sure you can imagine the logistical operation it has been to uproot one’s life and pad down in a completely different spot.

It’s a change that involves a new home and way of living. There are; new customs, foods, traditions and ways of being, systems and infrastructure. It’s at once thrilling and fearful, exhilarating and frustrating, exciting & tiring.

There have been so many insights popping up that it’s been hard to decide which one to share with you today, but I think I’ll go with what I’ve been learning about Spirit & manifestation.

Now, many of you will have inwardly groaned and gone ‘Urrrgh’ she’s gone all weird and ‘hippyfied’ on us (again) but hear me out…

Everyday Spirit

Whether we acknowledge it or not ‘spirit’ or ‘energy’ or ‘god’ or ‘universe’ or ‘guides’ or ‘ancestors’ are working day and night to support us in our lives here in this physical plane. The evidence is all around us we simply need to choose to see the signs we’re given every day.

2014-07-05 05.59.11We can use this spirit to help us in our lives from finding the energy to get through everyday tasks to asking for spirit’s support when we have more challenging things to deal with. The thing to remember about spirit though, is that you need be precise, get specific bearing  in mind it will bring you what want in a form that you need, not necessarily what you think you want, in the way you think you need it.

Say you’ve been single for a while and (for the purposes of the illustration you’re heterosexual) you wish for a partner of the opposite sex. But let’s say you also have an unresolved issue with self-esteem. Spirit may well send you the partner you want, but perhaps this partner is one who is critical of you…


So you have another opportunity to practise standing up for yourself and finding your self-love and esteem

You may ask for a tall, dark handsome man (if you’re male or female) and you get just that, but he’s superior and arrogant challenging you to face and deal with your ideas about hierarchy, status and the value you place on others.

Stepping up to life can be fearful...What's next?
Stepping up to life can be fearful…What’s next?

Perhaps you’re having thoughts of I hate this job or I need to ‘get out of here’ and lo and behold you’re made redundant, or fired from your current role with no alternative means of employment organised.

Now I know you meant that you wanted to find another job and step into that or create a business and get it up and running before giving up your current occupation, but did you specifically think about that? No…

Your thoughts were ‘I’ve got to get out of here.’ And guess what? You get your wish you’re fired and now you’re, as you wanted –  ‘out of there!’

‘You gotta get specific!’

yes-238374_150You see Spirit will send you what you ask for, but you’ve got to get specific. It will also add a dash of what you need.

So when you ask, create thoughts that have you stepping into the role you want…see the people around you and the type of interactions you want to have with them, feel how it feels in that meeting with them or discussing new projects; OR imagine your ‘tall, dark handsome man’ being generous and kind, imagine his responses to being around you, your family and friends and the conversations you have together. See his kind acts and generosity being demonstrated in different situations and with different types of people… in this way spirit KNOWS what you want, in precise and exact detail and can get on with the job of bringing it to you.

Blissings and much love

Insightful Angel







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Happy Sunday All,

7th February 1965. It was a Sunday.

I like to think that there were bluebirds singing and the sun was shining, you know à la Snow White, but I doubt that was the case.

In fact the historical forecast says it was:

“Dull, rather cold and very dry”

So, not the Fairy-tale entrance I would have hoped for


Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 01.58.48I have always loved birthdays.

On your birthday, though you may be shy or uncertain how to receive it, the one thing you are allowed to get and like receiving on this day in particular – is attention.

But for me it’s been much more than that and always has been.

I have always had a sense of the spiritual and revered birthdays even as a young child. I didn’t know why then, but I guess it’s because birthdays, much like New Year’s Day often cause us to become contemplative.

More importantly I have always felt that birthdays are an opportunity for me at least, to start anew and change what I may not have liked in the previous year.

I believe that we are precious; each and every one of us.

The wonder that is YOU !vipassana-997076_1280When I look into the wonder that is the face of my grandchild and I feel the overwhelming joy she brings and the immense gratitude that showers when I think of how I have been so blissed and graced with the beauty of her soul.

I am awed…

I am awed because I realise, I too was and still am SO wonderful…

So too are YOU!

I am awed by the trust her soul has placed in me, by choosing me to be her guardian and her ‘Ya Ya.’

The day she was born was unreal…

I relived the heightened, intense and deeply emotional rush of love, protectiveness and sheer unadulterated joy that I’d experienced with the birth of her mother before her and her mother’s siblings.

It confirmed what I think I instinctively knew as a child and why I have always revered birthdays and made an effort to celebrate them.

It confirmed to me, that with birth we get to truly touch and be reminded of our connectedness to all…


face-636095_1280The intensity of birth (and I have no doubt of our soul’s passing), is electrifying and that surge of loving energy reminds us (or me at least) that we are more that just the skin and bone shell we inhabit and that we are limitless!

So, today especially, whether or not we are celebrating birthdays or not; We can try and remind ourselves every day.


This is my new mantra… Why not make it yours too?

  • I will remember my connection to all there is
  • I will remember I am love and kindness and compassion embodied if I so choose
  • I will remember I am infinite
  • I will remember to forgive myself and others for perceived failings
  • I will get up, and get on with living
  • I will be gentle with myself and talk to myself as I would my granddaughter
  • I will try again
  • I will step up to myself and shine my LIGHT!

Why not watch me shine this day…the anniversary of my birth: See me Step up into my destiny and shine my LIGHT

Blissings & Much love

Insightful Angel

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Happy New Year

happy-new-year-1105854_1280The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay

Love isn’t love until you give it away.

New Year’s Eve…

A spectacularly social and festive time of the year, yet for many and I have been among the many, this time of year can serve to exaggerate a knawing emptiness, or a feeling of frustration that you’re not exactly where you would like to be.

card-1081735_1280 It’s a time to give love to you

If you’re in the position of having to see the New Year in alone, my message is to you. I’d like to let you know that rather than seeing yourself as alone, see yourself as evolving.

Your physical state may be one in which you are with yourself, but we are one human family connected by our very essence and spirit, connected by our energy.

If as you reflect, whether you’re alone or otherwise and you find you’re in a place that makes you feel discomfort, then give thanks. I say give thanks, because it is when we are in a state of discomfort that we realise the need for change.


The feelings of agitation are designed to make you feel uncomfortable, so you take action, action that is designed to move you, shake you out of the circumstance that has you feeling dissatisfied and take action that moves you forward, action that will force you to step closer to where you are meant to be.

So for tonight do not feel that your circumstance is one of aloneness. I am here…thinking of you connected to all of you urging you to remember you are perfect and perfectly placed in this moment right now.

If you feel agitation then this is great as it means you will create a shift, a shift that will take you closer towards your greatness.

So for now be thankful and know that as 2016 rolls itself out you will become more expanded and more connected to the true you.

I wish you love and prosperity on your journey and look forward to you experiencing a deeper connection to yourself & to our wonderful human family.

Blissings & Much love

Insightful Angel

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Happy Sunday to you all,

Feeling Stuck?

2014-09-09 09.50.29

Are you feeling stuck?

Unsure of where you’re going or how to move forward, but sure in the knowledge that you can’t go back?

Are you caught in limbo? You know there is more, but can’t seem to grasp what it is you’re here for.

Are you dissatisfied with what you’re doing, how you’re living but have no idea what it is you want or how to change it You just know this isn’t right…there’s something?

Why am I here?

2014-09-08 11.48.35Today I’ve been musing over the subject of my purpose.

You have too haven’t you? Had that nagging voice say to you

“Surely there’s more to life than this… What the hell are you doing? Where’s your life going?”

If there’s one question we have all asked ourselves, at some point in our lives, it’s the question: ‘WHY AM I HERE?’

When we are unable to answer this, life can seem pointless. We lack direction, a sense of certainty and feel rootless and insecure. Without a purpose in life we drift like flotsam and jetsam and before long find ourselves participating in behaviours that do not serve our highest good to feel something… Anything!

I have long-held the personal belief that the proliferation of drug use, more and more extreme sexual encounters and gratification, overindulgence in food, the overuse and overstimulation of the senses via technology is and attempt to connect with the divine.  To have something make us feel complete, connected to ourselves and to something greater.

To feel at peace and that we matter. To truly know ourselves and our divine purpose.

i-105490_150Not for the likes of me!

The first thing you need to know is that each one of us HAS a purpose. A purpose is not reserved for the privileged few, for special people or the high-profile athletes, the movies stars and the wealthy entrepreneurs. YOU are here to discover this and live your AUTHENTIC life regardless of your start, upbringing, education or social status.

Though you do need to place focus on the material world in some way, after all this is the space we live in, but you need to get this.  Experiences in my life have taught me that this world is the training ground. The place where our soul is trained  and where it comes to do its work. The work of self-discovery and self-realisation, self-mastery.

What I have learnt from my time  here and through life’s trials, is that our soul’s lessons are designed to test us. As we break through each of our tests we become stronger, our belief in ourself and faith in our innate gifts grow more convincing and we begin to walk with surer steps in the direction of our dreams and our life’s purpose.

Deep down inside you know…

If you ignore the message of your soul it will continue to remind you.

I’ll give you an example from my experience:

As a child all I ever did was talk and sing. I was inquisitive, a dreamer, I loved people and would happily chatter away asking questions, being curious.

All I ever dreamt of was being another Judy Garland or Lena Horne (I loved the old movies full of glamour), but you get the picture. I saw myself on the Musical Theatre stage dancing like Cyd Charisse (I know…I’ve given the game away re my age, but hey, it can take being on the planet this long to finally ‘get it.’)

Anyway, as I was saying, all I did was sing and dream.sand-332500_150

Our path to our purpose is often the rockiest and most difficult to walk along. If you are to be an artist in some way you may find yourself born into  family of Philistines. If you are musical or sporting you may find yourself unsupported or your efforts trivialised, If your purpose is to share love with the world then you may find you have a start in life that is acutely devoid of love and safety.

This is so you to truly understand what it is and make your sharing all that more powerful because you DO understand what it is.

I realise now that is the universe’s way of ‘sharpening you up.’ making you strong and focused and determined, providing you with the ‘grit’ required to share the very best expression of your gift. Shaping you, so that when the time comes, nothing will shake you and you will ‘express.’ what you came here for in its fullest glory and power.

hand-307728_150And so I was constantly told to ‘shut up,’ as I talked too much. I was told that I couldn’t sing and reminded through our lack of means that that kind of a world was a world for ‘other’ people. People like us got jobs and hoped for a lifetime of security, to become ‘middle class’ rise out of the poverty and ‘working class ‘status we had in life.

And slowly, through the criticisms, taunts and ridicule of significant carers, teachers, careers advisers, who all knew more than I did, better than I did and who’s judgment and wisdom couldn’t be questioned, through them my innate knowledge of who I am and why I’m here was denied and ultimately I suppressed it.

Post-it notes and reminders

Despite my soul having an instinctive knowledge of its purpose, which was to use my voice to uplift the world. I learnt to be quiet.

Most people who know me would say ‘You quiet!’ I still talked, I was actually overly verbose, but it was empty talk. Acceptable talk. The deep-seated issues I wanted to discuss I couldn’t and didn’t, the dreams I had I swallowed and pushed down. As a result. Every year I suffered with Tonsillitis or ‘Strep throat.’ I was resisting my purpose and my soul was making me ill to wake me up to that fact.

Every year a post-it note: ‘This is not who you are meant to be!postit-169631_1280

Those of you in the know, will have guessed what it took me to my mid-thirties to begin to get the message. I suffered from tonsillitis because my communication centre was blocked. It felt awful, because for my soul, not being who I was supposed to be and doing what I was supposed to do, not fulfilling my purpose here was awful!

Our feelings are our barometer. You KNOW when something’s not right for you and your authentic purpose here. When you tell that ‘little’ lie and you get that brief tweak of conscience, when you take a bigger share, when you say something mean. Or perhaps you’re the person who’s on the receiving end. You’re allowing another to persecute or bully you; to control you life and your actions, to criticise or chastise you and it hurts.

Those pangs and twinges of guilt or shame, those feelings of hurt or upset are all

‘Post-it’ notes from your soul

and they’re shouting at you to make a change because whatever you’re doing or however you’re living or working are damaging you irrevocably.

So if you’re feeling stuck…feeling dissatisfied be thankful. Thankful because your soul is nudging you. Urging you to take a step closer to your purpose.When you do that dissatisfaction will disappear and the feeling of contentment and worth you get will be worth all the frustration, all the anguish and all the soul-searching.

Next week I will show you how my experience taught me to step into my purpose and how my soul never gave up on me. Yours isn’t either…so start listening.

Until next week.

Blessings & Much Love

Insightful Angel

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Overcome The Fear; Step into GREATNESS


Happy Sunday everyone,

pinwheel-9228_150Last week I discussed love & fear and today I’m going to delve a little deeper into how we overcome the fear and stepping into our greatness.

Since Tuesday I’ve been in the wonderful Somerset countryside at a place called Nettlecombe Court on the edge of the Exmoor National park, on a writing retreat with some of my students.

It’s ben a wonderful few days filled with writing and sunshine.

I wasn’t going to come

2014-07-05 07.58.05Tonight was our last night and as I climbed the steep hill this evening towards the top for our last get together, a ‘fire circle.’ I got talking to  young man who told me what a great time he’d had, yet at the start of the trip at the last-minute he’d decided he wasn’t going to come.

Now he was so pleased with himself that he did because he’d been challenged to write different styles, challenged to be self-sufficient and challenged to make new friends, all of which he had achieved admirably and so he was, rightfully so, proud of himself.

More importantly I could see he’d grown as a person. He was expanded. He’d learnt new things, met new people and was enriched by it. He was confident in his own abilities and as a result had conviction; a knowledge of who he was and the knowledge that he can go out into the world and grab hold of whatever he want from it!


He bless him, had demonstrated ‘Fearlessness’

Fearlessness isn’t some abstract act or emotion demonstrated by Knights a and prince’s in fairy tales and curtly acts and gestures of love.

Fearlessness is knowing that this thing holds fear for you, but being determined not to let that fear paralyse you and to push through regardless. Push through to your greatness.

Feeding the babybaby-105063_150

The result of allowing fear into our lives is that we become smaller and smaller until all memory of the expansive feeling, that should be our norm, is lost and we accept instead a pale, shrunken substitute in the form of fear.

We nestle it in bosom and cradle it in our arms and tell fear ‘it’s Okay…nothing will harm or threaten you.’

We allow the negative voices of the ego, the voices of trepidation, the voices of ‘I couldn’t do it so why should you?’ we indulge the persistent and endless ‘What about’ voices that echo and echo in your head.

What about your pension, what about paying your rent, what about getting a career with prospects… ‘what about’…’what about’…’what about.’

We amplify them… megaphone-150254_150

They take up root theses voices, grow claws and fangs and gnaw away at us…

The more we listen the less able we are to act. We become dry not fluid and free-flowing and like anything that’s dry and shrivelled, we become brittle. Our brittle nature, our resentment (primarily of ourself for not allowing our innate brilliance to shine), we then project on others.

It’s in this way that we perpetuate the cycle of insignificance, of being afraid to step out and re-draw again the cycle of frustration…

But we know it’s not enough don’t we? We FEEL it in our core that there’s more than we are currently experiencing, but what? How do we access it?

Don’t just take my word for it, I’m not the first to have said so, so here’s a reminder:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves,

‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

― Marianne WilliamsonA Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

Sharing is caring

In my experience, I have found, that the way to end your fear is to find your centre. Finding your centre means you develop an inner strength and self belief and develop a deeper connection with your higher power. In developing this connection you are more able to hear the messages that are guiding you to your best self; to the activities, roles, people and situations that accelerate you souls’ learning and to finding your purpose.flower-22656_150

When you do find your centre, you become completely clear in the knowledge that you are a part of everything and that everything is a part of you. You no longer feel there is anything to fear.

How do I access my centre you may ask?

For me that has been beautifully found through the practise of meditation.

But there are other ways:

One lovely way is to have something in your life that allows you to connect to your creativity, just as we have done at Nettlecombe.

It may not be something conventionally creative like painting or flower arranging and it definitely doesn’t have to be for anyone else’s approval other than that of your own. In fact make sure it’s just for you…

This is designed to feed you, to lift your soul and not anyone else’s, so do something that makes you smile

Building momentum

lady-307315_150Dance around the room once or twice a week to uplifting music, or roll around in the leaves in the park,  Take up a new class of some kind, Write, Join a choir and sing your heart out, Go for a run (or if you’re like me a geriatric stroll), but hey, at least you’re getting some fresh air! Help someone and then…

KEEP DOING IT! Build a ‘feel good factor momentum,’ lift your mood, feel good, for when you feel good, what do you have to worry about let alone fear?

The more often you do this, the more your fear lessens.

You begin to feel invincible and to be honest,

Invincible is exactly how we are meant to feel! ; )


Insightful Angel


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Change – Overcoming fear, embracing the new

Happy Sunday all

swallowtail-butterfly-329086_150Everything Changes

Today, I’ve thought a lot about change and why it is a state that often causes such fear to rise within us. Everything changes… That’s a given…

Change happens automatically; events, people and situations are in a constant state of flux, yet to so many of us ‘Change’ is a word that often provokes the onset of irrational fear(s) and can be the catalyst for a many of our most deep-seated insecurities to erupt.

But why? Life has taught me that change is, more often than not, the Universe’s way of bringing you into a closer alignment with your truth and ultimately with your Soul’s purpose? Isn’t that what we are ultimately all striving to know? So why resist?

fear-299679_640Please…anything but change!

The idea of changing anything, is for many of us such a powerful fear that we will to induce accident, illness or breakdown to avoid it. Some of us isolate ourselves to the point of paranoia to avoid it, while others are just angry all the time, using our anger as a way of deflecting new ideas or people, opportunities or affections. In this way we cut ourselves off from creating real and powerful connections. At the same time we deepen our ‘Story.’ You know; that one about how no-one appreciates or helps us, or the one about being alone, or the one about how no-one can be trusted; then there’s the other one that says all men/women/teenagers/ lawyers/mothers/…blah blah are all…whatever it is we feel we are justified in bemoaning. Well, hell yeah! If you reject everything, (resist change), and live in fear; sooner or later everything and everyone will get the message and guess what they will… LEAVE YOU THE HELL ALONE!. Ergo…you get exactly what you wished for. NO CHANGE.

cat-245750_640 Fear kills.

The fear of change is powerful, so much so that, for many of us, it kills our natural spirit of adventure and curiosity. It freezes out the wonder and petrifies the hope. I have always wondered why this is… I have, since childhood, been a naturally curious person. I’ve desired and often welcomed change. You could say I was easily bored and so was always investigating and probing. This trait for a child in a rather strict household is not necessarily a good thing! As a young child I was often told that I was ‘nosey,’ ‘knew too much,’ ‘was showing people up,’ (usually from the adults who were unable to answer my questions), or I was, in no uncertain terms, told to simply ‘SHUT UP!’

Impossible? or I’m Possible? street-sign-141396_150

But change has been something I have naturally embraced; some would say to the point of stupidity and that it is this frivolous part of my nature which lead to me never realising my true potential. “Ah ha!!”, but I know better. I have, as I said before, found the prospect of change exciting and still continue to seek new direction if I find myself in a place where I am not developing, not learning and/or not contributing. I constantly try new enterprises and experiences and have found my life being enriched by these experiences, not diminished. For change, to me, offers POSSIBILITY. The idea of change means you get to start again; a ‘DO OVER’ the Americans call it, I think? So why not embrace it? Think about it.

Want, want, want.balloon-104610_640

So many of us simply WANT. We want to:

        • Improve the way we live
        • Have a better body
        • Gain greater financial freedom
        • Improve our health
        • Find the ideal relationship/perfect partner.

The list goes on… balloon-104612_640

Yet so many of us find it hard to take action and instead we simply talk about it. How many people do you know who are constantly desiring a change in some aspect of their lives AND actually get up and DO something about it? balloon-104608_640

Talk is cheap

Talk is easy…Too easy.  eyes-35616_640 As the old adage goes ‘Talk is cheap.’ If you’re a person who knows there’s more to life, more to you and you WILL NOT settle for being less than you know you can be or have the ability to achieve; if you’re a person who, like me, despite errors of judgement, mistakes, trips and slip-ups, feels you have no choice but to keep on trying, ‘keep on keeping on’ because there is nothing else and you WILL NOT stop until you make the life you see so clearly in your mind’s eye a reality: then you, my friend, are a person who has no other option than to embrace change. Nothing was ever conceived of or created without some form of change taking place.

The power to choose, the power to change    direction-255294_150

Change is beautiful. Through change some of our most wonderful insights are received. Through change some of our most memorable moments are created. Through change we learn and in learning we move forward. Let’s take an everyday example; the birth of my children… for each of my amazing children to be born, my body had to change. My stomach swelled, my hormone balance shifted, my hair and nails grew, my weight increased. Oh the wonder of those changes! With every change I experienced a deeper appreciation for my body, a greater understanding of my physiology and a more profound love for the life that I was creating and the body I had been gifted! For any of us to finally have that dream job, life, perfect partner we have to open up to accepting… Accepting the abundance that is waiting to deliver itself to us and CHANGE our thoughts around feelings of unworthiness.

butterfly-108616_150The wonder of change

To have wealth we need to applaud the successes of others. CHANGE our feelings of resentment and congratulate them on their ambition, drive, passion and perseverance. Value their persistence and know that in so doing the same energy which fell into alignment for them is waiting for you to CHANGE your thoughts so it can serve you too. For the perfect relationship we need to CHANGE or feelings of jealousy, be happy for them and smile knowing that their ‘feel good feelings’ and abundant love are proof that such abundance exists. If they can manifest those feelings and affections then so can you. So, the next time you are presented with an opportunity; perhaps a friend introduces you to a life-changing business idea; perhaps you are given the chance to start something noble but small; perhaps they would like you to meet a new person or check out a new group; perhaps you are given the opportunity to serve your community in some way… Rather than reject, consider CHANGE. If you shift your immediate reaction from one of disdain and thoughts of ‘impossible?’ – what could you create; what could happen; how could your life change for the better? Remember “impossible” can also can be written:

“I’m Possible” yes-238378_150

Make your attitude one of openness and give any new idea some thought before you dismiss it. Catch it, look at it. Have you reacted from a place of fear or from a place of considered thought and careful soul-searching? Does this feel exciting? Are you filled with tremors of nervousness? If so, it’s a sure bet you should go right ahead and do the damned thing and that the universe will bring you what you need when you need it. It may just be THE very thing that shifts your life in the direction you want it to go. That very openness is the green light, a signal to the universe that you are ready to receive all the wealth, health and abundance that it has reserved for you. So, for today… CHANGE one (negative) thought, build momentum, CHANGE one habit, CHANGE your life!

Insightful Angel


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