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More YOU

Happy Sunday All,

Earlier in the week I began to consider what `I should write about today.’ I began to think that as this would be my first communication of 2016 that it should be some deeply profound statement about the human condition or some revelatory insight that immediately resonates with hundreds of thousands of others across the globe.

It then occurred to me that those thoughts were profoundly arrogant of me. I am by no means a Guru, nor would I want to be one. I share because I believe wholeheartedly that as we walk this Earth we are here to


skydiving-658404_1280This life we are experiencing is our University.

What I know too is that I have learned some lessons in my brief time here. I know also that my experience (s) are not unique; that others are experiencing some of the life stages, events and challenges I have already passed through and so I share them (connect) in whatever way I can.

I share more ME, so you can find more YOU

– Thank goodness for the Internet eh?

  1. I share in the hope that the lessons I have learned will bring comfort or insight or awareness or whatever it takes for just ONE person to realise their infinite beauty and potential and power.
  1. I share in the hope that just ONE of you to come to the realisation that your very ‘being’ means that you are perfectly who you should be and that who you are right here now, is exactly who you are meant to be and where you are meant to be.
  1. I share in the hope that just ONE of you understand that if your reality FEELS uncomfortable, undesirable or challenging then you have the power and the will and the right to change it, if that is what you want, at any time.

In search of MY-self

encourage-866765_1280One of the most painful periods of my life was the period from about 33 years old to about 45 years. This was the period when I had no option but to become a seeker; a seeker of my truth, a seeker of the ‘real’ me; a seeker of whatever this life is meant to mean.

Life and the pursuit of all the ‘right’ things still hadn’t placed me in a space of contentment or peace and I knew I had to find anther way of living, of expressing. I had to find a way to be the ‘true’ me. I had to find the answer to life, love and everything and what that means for me.

I can’t say I have found IT yet – a definitive, one phrase or one word answer or a definitive ‘way’ of being to explain the meaning of everything, I’m not sure there is ONE, but:

  • I HAVE come to understand that it’s all OK and if it isn’t, I have the right to change it. I have found a ‘tru-er’ me who I feel is on the right path to finding the kind of life and peace that is right for me.

So this is what I’d like to ask you to focus on.

This is my message to you at the start of 2016

My wish is for you to find:


From about 5 or 6 years of age to about 33 years I was blissful unaware that I was in pain. During that time; the time when I became aware of me as a distinct and separate ‘self’ to the time when I knew this way of thinking wasn’t working for me and that there ‘had to be more to life than this!’ was a time of sleepwalking. I was doing what I ‘thought’ were the right things to do to be happy, to have approval, to gain recognition. None of them had worked.



And so the inevitable happened and I had to ask ‘Is there more to life than this?’ For me at that time, at 33 years old, the answer was ‘YES.’ And so I began to take steps to find out what that ‘YES’ meant for me.

Getting closer?

Over a decade later I know that happiness, contentment and peace come from being more YOU; from finding out what is true for YOU and living it, being it, feeling it teaching it, expressing it

Stepping up to life can be fearful...What's next?
Stepping up to life can be fearful…What’s next?

How the hell does one know what IS true? You ask.

Well, as I said before, all I can do is share what I have learnt in my time in this University and what I have learnt about finding out what is right for YOU is simple and is two-fold.

  1. You have the knowledge and the insights already you just need to tune into them
  2. They are indicated by how you feel – NOT what you think.

Any experience, any meeting of minds, any work or creative endeavour, any place or thought, any idea or book or insight; anything you undertake that makes you feel joy, expansion, stillness, that makes you laugh or cry with happiness, that creates a deeper compassion and love for yourself and/or                                                                                  others, that simply makes you smile…

Is a something or someone who will lead you to becoming more YOU and so to your truth.

Finding YOUR truth is where your happiness, your contentment and your bliss lay.

So if I have anything to impart for 2016, it would be to resolve to become more YOU.

Follow your bliss

Follow and seek expansion and feel good feelings, follow light and heat and rain and snow, if they are what make you feel good. Follow laughter and creativity or physics or road sweeping. Follow reading or children or whatever induces feelings within you of being more settled in your own skin… More YOU.

In so doing you find your way and step into the ‘MORE THAN THIS.’ You’re reaching for.

Blissings and much love

Insightful Angel

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Mozzie Menace

Happy Sunday all,

I realise it seems like such a long time ago, but the momentous ‘grandmama’ event intervened into the series on my Pissouri adventures. Here is the final instalment and one I hope you’ll find funny as well as insightful. It’s a little instalment which recalls my encounter with a Mosquito, a mosquito I named ‘Maurizio the Mozzie Menace’ and what my encounter with him taught me about freeing myself into life.

Tuesday – Penultimate day in Paradise

Maurizio the ‘Mozzie’ menace…

mosquito-562066_1280Alright, so his name is more Italian than Greek, but I couldn’t think of a Greek name beginning with ‘M.’

Anyway, as has become my habit, I was in bed for around 9.48pm…

I dozed a bit and had some end of day dreamy thoughts when: “Zzzzzss, Zzzzzsss…Zzzzzsssssss” came whizzing past my ear. Now what you don’t know about me is that I have a very, very, very VERY severe reaction to mosquito bites and can become quite ill over time if I get several of them at once, so as you can imagine I was more than a little nervous, afraid even.

Bear Grylls…NOT!

I already had one bite on my right calf which though irritating and very blistered I was coping with, but another bite might just trigger the release of too much histamine into my blood stream and then it would be a trip to the doctor. Not something I particularly wanted to deal with just two days before coming home.

Being rather short-sighted, I couldn’t see the ‘blighter’ I could only hear that threatening and persistent Zzzzss, Zzzzs, Zzzzs, so I had to don my spectacles and begin stalking the bedroom like Bear Grylls trying to annihilate the critter!

I was getting nowhere fast…

enraged-804311_1280I even brought the hand towel from the bathroom and started swatting furiously; ‘thwack!’ ‘splat!’ ‘whack!’ swiping at anything remotely dark in colour and of the ‘creepy’ kind in the hope that I’d get lucky and Maurizio would be a ‘gonner.’

But, Maurizio the Mozzie menace was deft and swift and I, to all intents and purposes, must have looked like an elephant in ‘slo-mo’ to a speedy critter like Maurizio. I must have been at it over an hour and was getting desperate, so I thought I’d try another tack.

Toasted sandwich anyone?

bread-933104_1280I tucked the sheets in tight at the bottom of the bed, got under the sheets, then pulled them over my head and tucked them in over both my head and the pillows all the way round the top and sides. I was in fact, a toasted sandwich, with me as the filling; crimped and pinched inside the bottom and top sheets. It was pretty warm to say the least… the night before the Pissouri heat had been 21’ at it’s lowest and 31’ at it height during the daytime…

This was beyond stuffy, but I couldn’t risk it. I couldn’t cope with another bite.

I was uncomfortable and uneasy and unable to sleep…

Maurizio was very canny.

He’d wait until I was so tired and just about drifting off then he’d come a circling… Zz…Zzz…Zzzzzzssss.

I’d lash out (again with the elephant impersonation) and miss the demon every time. It was like being stalked and you know your life depends on not falling asleep…so you drift and nod and start to drool, then suddenly you bite awake, head twitching left to right and left again, eyes bulging and frantic like a meerkat on caffeine… ‘Huh, huh?’

Not tonight Maurizio!

yes-238376_150I’ve heard all kinds of reasons why some people are terrorised by Maurizio and his tribe of ‘terrorists’ and others aren’t; as well as how to prevent it happening: It’s the scent of your blood, it’s the carbon dioxide you exhale, it’s a lack of B vitamins, You need to eat Yeast, you need to use citronella, it’s coz you’re female and they’re attracted to the oestrogen, it’s your sweat… all I know is they terrorise me wherever they live and I was not having it.

No sir! NOT TONIGHT mi-laddo!

sleeping-690429_1280In an attempt to avoid ‘Maurizio the Mozzie Menace’ picking up on my breath (who knows it may be true?), I doubled up the towel and placed that over my face too whilst nestled in my little ‘envelope’ bed.

It was unbearably hot… but every now and again it would start…the sound that was now filling me with mortal fear and had me trapped unable to sleep! – ‘Zzz, Zzzz, Zzzzzsss.’

As I lay there, completely restricted and even avoiding the bathroom though (I desperately needed it) because it would take too long to parcel myself up again, I thought…

How awful it is to live in fear and how restricted we become when we do.

When we allow ourselves to become fearful of life and it’s experiences, our world becomes very small. Just like my little parcel I was restricted to moving within the confines of a 6ft bed because I feared stepping outside the boundary I’d placed around myself.



Though it was hot, I was getting hotter by the minute as my breath had no where to go but under the covers increasing the temperature and causing me to now break into a tacky, moist, sticky (and none too aromatic) sweat – urrgh!

The fear is in the thinking

I had momentarily allowed myself to become terrorised by something, which, in reality, I had blown out of proportion and was, if I’d stayed at it, something I could probably have dealt with. Sometimes we do the same thing with life… create monsters outside of our knowledge or experience and so restrict our freedom of movement and curtail our ability to move forward towards the outcome(s) we want.

We tell ourselves all kinds of things to justify staying within the familiarity of our self-constructed and self-imposed cocoon. ‘I won’t get that job, no point applying,’ They/he/she won’t want me…I’m not good enough,’ ‘I don’t have the time/money/resources/experience,’ ‘I can’t do for me because he/she/they need me,’ ‘I’m not tall/thin/pretty/handsome/fat/cute/green…whatever enough.’

The result?


We end up trapped in a limited and uncomfortable thought-space too fearful to step beyond our self-imposed boundaries to just ‘take a chance, get out of the covers and have a go at the critter!’ After all, it can’t be any more uncomfortable than feeling like a hot dog sausage in a hot sweaty bun!

It wasn’t.

  • Where are you restricting yourself in life?
  • Have you allowed yourself to become a toasted sandwich?
  • Have you created a self-imposed cocoon?

I finally threw off the covers…released myself from my self-imposed prison and splatted the bugger!

Once I had. I stretched out across the bed enjoying my new-found, limitless bed-scape and slept a deep and guilt-free sleep. : )

So, from today.

Consider where in your life you need to emancipate ourself from your own Mozzie menace, throw off the covers,’ allow yourself out of your hot, sweaty, fear-filled prison and stretch out into a freer life.

Blissings & Much Love

Insightful Angel


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Message to my children

Three blessings!Happy Sunday everyone!

This post does ‘what it says on the tin!’ it’s a message my children a letter if you will, to let them know the main lesson I have learnt in life.

It’s every parent’s duty to at least try to make sure their children don’t make the same mistakes they did. Different ones, yes, but the same ones? That’s darn foolishness! Continue reading Message to my children

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