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Musing: Love in all it’s forms

Happy Monday all

Last week, I was musing on love all it’s forms and the following words spewed out.

It was a week when I was shown love in all it’s many wonderful and not so wonderful forms:

Sibling love, romantic love, parental love… the love of friends, children neighbours and pets. I saw it all. The expressions were sometimes beautiful, other times they were less so…

Sadly, I noticed too that sometimes, just sometimes when we say we love what we do is allow love to be expressed as long as it fits what WE decide is an acceptable expression of that love.

Sadly, sometimes we impose conditions…

Sometimes we threaten and it got me thinking…

What IS Love?

love-1153972_1280And though for me it was just a momentary thought, a whole stream of words spewed forth.

I shared my thoughts on my personal FB page. It wasn’t a big deal, but it seems to have gotten a powerful and positive response with one or two people mentioning that I should share it more widely, so I am here for you today.

I hope it inspires you at the start of your week’s journey:

Contemplating love…In all its forms

Love is open
Love is giving
Love does not deny…
the friend…child…parent…lover, those parted or the living
Love is never demanded!
Love is kind
Love is inclusive
Love is free from guilt
Love should never be denied
used as weapon its withdrawal a threat
Love-in-such-a-wayFor love should be…
And fall where it may
Love is trust(ing)…NOT
insecure or blind subject to rules, conditions & moral confines.
Love respects the separate…the union & the whole
For Love is…All
Love is…

the seat of the Soul!

Blissings & Much Love

Insightful Angel

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Happy Sunday All,

For some reason this morning, I was thinking again about what makes many of us dissatisfied or fearful or unable to deal with the challenges we face. Why aren’t we all living beautifully and blissfully 24/7 with beaming smiles on our faces? I deduced it comes down to ‘Safety.’Be Safe, love

Safety is the state of being “safe” (from French ‘sauf’ – To save), the condition of being protected against physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, psychological, educational, or other types or consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents, harm, or any other event that could be considered non-desirable. Safety can also be defined as the control of recognised hazards to achieve an acceptable level of risk. This can take the form of being protected from the event or from exposure to something that causes health or economical losses.


be-423796_1280I posted a video on my Insightful Angel Facebook page yesterday (Insightful Angel on Facebook) and I’m going to go back and watch it over and over. You see in that video I was reminded that as children we are born and then spend our time just being who we are. Isn’t this as it should be our whole lives? That we simply work on being the best “ME” I can be? So what is it that makes us think as we grow that our meaning is no longer ‘within’ but ‘without?’


For many of us, perhaps most of us, we experience (or think we do) something early on, or are told something. It could be a major occurrence that leaves an indelible memory and effect, or it could be a minor event that we are unaware has had any kind of impact; but this event, leaves us thinking or feeling, that the world holds some danger within it.

Obviously, we decide in the face of danger to protect ourselves and therein lies the rub!


Let’s take a look at the word protect for a minute:



  1. keep safe from harm or injury.

  2. keep safe, keep from harm, save, safeguard, shield, preserve, defend, cushion, shelter, screen, secure, fortify, guard

characters-696949_1280Now, I don’t know about you, but each synonym for protect implies a distance. There is the inherent act of creating a barrier when we try to live from a place of safety. It occurred to me that this is exactly the opposite of what we are here to do and be.

I know I bang on about children, but watch them…they’re amazing and embody all the freedom and light and expansiveness we see in the living world around us. They’re daring…relentless, happy (most of the time) and they’re really never concerned with comparing themselves to someone else.

I firmly believe we come here with everything we need to know about being abundant and happy and that we are a part of everything that is, yet we decide to ignore all of it in a desire to stay living from a place of safety.

It’s all in the feeling

When we learnt to walk, we were fearless and how many times did we fall over and yet get up again and again. We had a goal. Everyone around us walked upright and we wanted to do it too, so we tirelessly kept trying. We didn’t care how many times we got bruised, we let it go, ‘shook it off’ and started again.

Gosh how determined and independent!

Sister DanceAs we tried to speak and babbled and said silly incomprehensible words that made our family and friends laugh we didn’t care what they thought and as they laughed at us we laughed with them, pleased that we were making others happy and making ourselves happy in the process.

When a young child decides that they’re a superhero, you cannot convince them otherwise, when they smear themselves in paint (and not to mention your walls and furniture too!) they have no regard for anyone’s opinion as to whether it is ‘good’ or not nor if anyone likes it. They simply enjoy the process of creation and how it makes them feel.

encourage-866765_1280 Don’t hold back

It is my view that in trying to be safe we in fact create the very instability that we are hoping to avoid.

I’ll give you an example: Let’s take love and romance.

In our desire to be safe and not be rejected we never make that call to person we have feelings for.

In our desire to be safe and not ‘hurt’ we hold back and perhaps don’t allow our partner to truly ‘know’ us. Yet we crave connection on a deep, deep level and to be loved completely for who we are (inside and out).

How can this happen if we are ‘keeping from harm,’ ‘shielding,’ or ‘protecting’ some part of ourselves from the very person we say we want to be authentic and ‘open’ with?

Result: Because they (on that subtle non-verbal level) feel they cannot penetrate the ‘shield’ Or there is simply an impasse as you both spend your energy securing both of our defences, it becomes clear that the connection is not fulfilling your needs and one of you leaves. If lacking in courage, one of you will find someone else or some other excuse to break the connection.

Just do it!

superhero-534120_1280Instead of your ‘guard’ creating a place of ‘safety’ for you, you’re now adrift and feeling completely unsafe. You’ve created exactly the opposite of what you thought your protective measures would do for you. So now you’re left reeling finding it hard to understand ‘what the hell happened!’

In work or studies: Do you protect yourself by perpetually preparing, telling yourself you’re not yet ready, the product or programme is not ‘perfect?’ OR do you do ‘Just enough,’ or ‘what they pay me for?’ If that’s how you feel are you doing the right thing for you? Could you feel more empowered and contented in what you do if you took a risk and gave more of your time, your skills your attitude, paying no attention to the reward, but doing it for the JOY of it?

We have all heard the stories of those people who have reached a place of ‘success’ in their lives. I mean their personality and the work they do is aligned with their soul and they are in a place of contentment, a place of JOY.

In fact, no even those people who have created ‘success’ in material or criminal arenas have the same thing in common.

No safety Zone

It’s that they took risks.

fear-617132_1280They did not and do not live from a place of safety, they had a goal, an objective and they pursued it for themselves and how it made them feel, (just like the toddler engrossed in smearing paint), despite criticism and with scant regard for the opinions of others.

And guess what?

The wealth and notoriety and fame followed as if by magic!

  • Is there a place in your life where you’re feeling less than abundant?
  • How could you feel more so?
  • Are you holding back in some way, to avoid feeling vulnerable?
  • Are you in a constant state of preparation because really you fear criticism and/or disappointment?
  • If you’re still not in the space you want to be in, what have you got to lose?

For this week

calendar-547619_1280Take a risk…step out of your place of safety and SEIZE the opportunities the feelings the connections and the life, you know is Yours!

I’m excited to know what magic shows up for you when you do, so please leave a comment.

Blissings & Much Love

Insightful Angel

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