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The Joy of Oven Cleaning

Happy Sunday All,

So there I was… my head in the cavernous, dark recess, whilst my knees chafed against the cold of the vinyl flooring. I was oven cleaning.

Oven cleaning is one of those jobs that we all detest.

As I jiggled and shuffled and ‘humphed’ and ‘hawed’ with tremendous effort, it occurred to me that oven cleaning could easily be used as and analogy for the emotional clearing that we all need to do from time to time.

A good M.O.T

oldtimer-146524_1280Every so often it’s a good idea to look at your emotional state and give it a good old overhaul. By doing so, you open yourself up to deeper self- development and access greater creativity and understanding. In addition you’re ‘clearing out the trash’ of your inner world, so you’re lighter and freer. You see others’ actions and situations more clearly and with deeper insight and you also take a step or two (or several) towards understanding your purpose, the people in your life and the lessons they’re here to teach you.


Our emotional state dictates the type of action(s) we take and they in turn have consequences that form the reality we create.

So doing a bit of oven cleaning and peeling back the dank, sticky layers can only serve you.


Oven cleaning is a messy, messy job!


  1. Your stomach churns as you encounter the globules of hard to reach grease and grime, you know you should really have gotten to earlier. In my analogy, this represents the ‘stuff’ you get stuck in. It’s the stuff in the dark recesses that you can’t see, the patterns lodged in the subconscious and created in our formative years that you repeat.

This is the stuff mirrored in the people you meet who have the same or similar qualities, the situations that have you thinking  ‘I’ve been here before.’ The key here isn’t to figure out why they keep showing up, or why you are dealing with similar situations or personality types – the key learning is:

“How will I choose to react this time?”

Once the (re)action changes, so does the result and so then the reality you find yourself in.fantasy-1275253_1280

  1. Is the stuff that is molten and drips down the walls…Urrrgh! This stuff is more visible and closer to the surface. It’s the stuff that though visible is perhaps ‘ickier’ as it’s sticky and keeps dripping. You have to use lots of soapy water time and time again to get rid of it to reveal the shining vitreous enamel beneath.

This sticky stuff feels as though you can’t get away from it. There’s lots of dry heaving as this stuff makes you sick to your stomach. This particular aspect of oven cleaning needs lots of ‘elbow grease’ to get rid of it!

Maybe it’s the treatment you receive from a family member or work colleague. Someone you’re tied to in some way and have to live, work or communicate with.

Out of fear or duty you put up with their challenging or rude; jealous or insecure behaviours, and don’t defend your right to your own thoughts actions or deeds. You do what they NEED you to do and keep the peace.


you also feel that twinge inside that lets you know you betrayed who you really are by doing so…

The other person is appeased, triumphant even,


You feel coated in the slime, uncomfortable and sticky – YOU were inauthentic! You failed to defend who you truly are and as a result another (perhaps only tiny) piece of you died…


At least you didn’t rock the boat eh?


  1. Then there’s the really hard-baked, albeit smaller burnt on bits that cling to the undersides of the wire racks. They’re really caked on, bits of stuff that have dripped off and baked on the underside.Though baked and seemingly a challenge to shift they’re relatively easy to remove, the trick with this aspect of oven cleaning is to be quick and sharp in your movements.

These are perhaps the more everyday emotional slights we receive. They’re there, but surface only really. We do have to be mindful we’re not too sharp with the chipping off though, as we could slip and cut ourselves damaging relationships that we need to maintain in the present.

(No doubt you now think I’m a rather disgusting householder if my oven needs this much attention? I assure you I DID exaggerate somewhat!)

Gratitude, Gratitude & Pure love

Love-in-such-a-wayBy examining what a specific person’s role or behaviour has provided for you to learn, you can uncover the meaning of these relationships. When you discover the meaning you learn to understand their importance in your spiritual & emotional evolution.

Once you’re able to recognise the part they have played in your emotional development, you can get on with the job of being grateful for the service they have performed, shifting the emotional debris that can coat our psyches and emotions and stop us from evolving.

Being grateful for the lessons we’ve learned and acknowledging that they gave you a gift is a wonderful clue to the fact that we have shifted any emotional ties. Once in gratitude we open our hearts up to pure love.

Evolution & Change

There is no evolution without change, so if you’re wanting to understand your emotional and spiritual evolution, then be sure to undertake regular oven cleaning…

The kitchen smells fresher, your bread bakes better and

boy does it taste delicious!

Blissings & Much Love

Insightful Angel


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