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Panning – Sifting Sand & Salt


There are times in life when, despite not wanting to and despite having done this several times before we are forced to go ‘panning.’ What I mean by ‘panning’ is that we are forced to do some separating, some sifting of sand and salt to find the gold.

When there is a need to go ‘panning ‘it’s because there’s some form of irritation in your life, something gritty, rubs incessantly; just like that bit of sand between your flip-flop or in your food that you know is there due to its persistent chafing, but you just cant seem to get it out. It’s persists, causing minuscule scratches and eventually we find we have a raw and painful sore.

Or else ‘salt’ is present. That flavour, that taste in your relationship or friendship that gets a bit too much at times (there’s a reason we only use ‘a pinch’ of salt) and when it does it makes you wince. You jolt at the bitter piquancy and your mouth and eyes pucker at the brackish, acrid tang that is left.


Prospecting, or the process of panning – shifting sand and salt from your life takes time. It’s an age-old technique that doesn’t need any fancy equipment, but it does require focus and patience.

To pan, to sift the sand and salt successfully so they’re discarded and instead discover nuggets of gold, is a task requiring concentration. You have to sit, and sift and sift and sift again. You may not discover a gold nugget each time you sift, but each time you sift you DO eliminated more sand and more salt. What’s in your pan becomes finer, less rugged and against this finer, softer, less abrasive background it is far easier to see the gleaming gold when it finally lands in your pan as you sift just ‘one last time.’ And it WILL land.

In the right place…just the right dose…at just the right time

You see just the right amount of salt the ‘pinch’ I mentioned earlier, enhances the flavour of your food, just as a bit of ‘salt’ from that well-meaning, but perhaps rather terse or abrasive friend can provide just the right amount of pique, to spur you into taking action on your Sh*%t. The stuff you know you need to deal with but are avoiding. Similarly, that grain of sand; the minor irritation that gets under your skin, is a sign you have an issue you perhaps need to look at.


When that friend or relative is persistently and excessively ‘salty’ you’ll get sick, if that grain of sand, that irritation rubs and chafes for too long, you’ll end up nursing an open wound.

But…I have aching arms

Oftentimes, we feel we have done all the sifting we need to do. We mistakenly believe that we have ‘finished’ with the need to discern and eliminate in our lives. Though these instances become less so, over time, my life experiences have made caused me to realise that sifting sand and salt doesn’t really end.

When it becomes clear that, yet again we need to do yet another round of filtering we are surprised and disappointed in ourselves.

‘But what to do when your arms are tired?

When your arms are tired, simply lay the pan down. But NOT you understand in the flowing river otherwise you’ll lose your pan altogether.

Lay it to rest on the bank…

Those salty tongues will still be wagging, those sandy irritants will still be chafing, but from the vantage point of ‘distance’ from your pan, you can often sort the more subtly, deeply hidden granules that you didn’t realise were an irritation in the first place!

When your energy is replenished, pick up your pan and continue the task of refining the content of your life so it is smooth and uniform and soft. Free of salty critiques and sandy irritants.

Hitting pay dirt

To hit pay dirt means:

  1. to discover something of value. (Alludes to discovering valuable ore.)
  2. Fig.to get great riches

ref: http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/hit+pay+dirt

It seems I have been panning – sifting sand and salt for some months. Many times my arms got tired and I had to lay my pan down. Each time I picked it up again I had a better perspective and could see more clearly the nuggets rising to the surface. But the true ‘gold’ came the moment I ‘hit pay dirt.’

All that sifting and filtering, laying down of my pan and picking it up again meant I had moments to see beyond the pan, moments when in my mind’s eye I would just catch something gleaming, I could see beyond the proverbial ‘trees’ and could see the wood.                     Continue reading Panning – Sifting Sand & Salt

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Criticism II

Happy Sunday All,

Whether we know it or not criticism has a ripple effect that permeates far wider and hurts at a far deeper level than we could ever imagine.

shame-799095_1280 Two weeks ago I first wrote about criticism and it’s effects on the individual and the psyche, how it warps the individuals perspective of life and lowers both their self-esteem and the value they place on themselves.

I DID promise to go further last week but ‘New-grandmamma-babysitting-duties’ took precedence, so this Sunday I’m making good on that promise and outlining how, in my view, criticism has a toxic effect for the wider society and not just the perpetrator or the victim.


energy-1101474_1280If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I believe wholeheartedly that we are connected.

We and the energy we generate connects us to each and every other living thing; to the planet; to the beasts in the field; the birds in the air; the smallest shoots and the mightiest of trees.

If we are connected to everything then it stands to reason that that energy has the ability to cause a reaction in others; everything affects everything else; from the atmosphere and other living things on the planet, to other people and animals. So, not only is criticism toxic for the individual, but for everything that has been infused with a living spirit.

Who’s the real issue here, honey?

When we throw negativity out at another person, those people who are aware and practise non-judgement instinctively know that the ‘critic’ is usually pointing the finger at himself or herself.

index-315754_150People who are critical, judgemental or who can’t help but make derogatory comments are doing so because of their feelings of inadequacy. Often the very thing they’re criticising others for is an issue they may be wrestling with inside themselves. It’s an attempt to make others feel less worthy because they themselves are unsure of their own value and intrinsic worth, they are wrestling with issues and negative thoughts and feelings about themselves, that in fact, have nothing to do with the other person. It’s a defence mechanism a way of avoiding dealing with their own hurt or what they see as their own failings.

The critic is in fact bellowing to the whole world that they feel imbalanced and not in harmony with themselves or the world around them. They are operating from a place of ‘Self-Centredness’ not place which is ‘Centred’ in the self.

On being Centred

buddha-709861_1280If you’ve ever met a person who was centered you know that they have no need to criticise others. They know and feel their intrinsic worth and value and so acknowledge this to be true for and in others too! The critic speaks from the ‘EGO’ and looks out for number one at all times.

A being that is centred respects and honours & loves themselves and by so doing recognises that others have the right to love, honour and respect themselves too, but more importantly they KNOW that by sending out love, honour and respect, regardless of if they will have it returned to them or not; it just FEELS good when you do. So from a purely selfish perspective, let’s practise loving, honouring and respecting whenever we possibly can.

Be forgiving…people make mistakes. Why focus your energy outward and in a negative manner. Criticising won’t make it better and could, no WILL, make a situation worse, as you give away your energy and your power to a situation or persons, who in your eyes are not operating as you think they should be.

The Universal Consciousness

If what you send out you get back then…WHOAH! You do the calculations

Throwing negative energy into the universe can only serve to continually create situations of challenge and frustration for you as you send a clear message to the universe that challenge and frustration are where you are prepared to put your focus and energy.

Let’s talk vibrations for a minute…

If any of you have a pet, or children, you know that you don’t even have to utter a word and they will react to your vibration whether it’s negative or positive…

banner-1093905_1280Your poor pet Chihuahua will start to shake and cower as you slam the door after a hard day at work, or your Labrador bounds up to you excitedly, tail wagging and tongue hanging out in glee as your tone of voice alone, indicates you’re in an upbeat and happy space as you come in.

Yeah bad things happen…yes others do things differently to you…yes people make mistakes, but are you going to continue to add to that negative vibration or are you going to commit to raising your vibration, the vibration of others and the vibration of the planet?

What could possibly be the benefit of you choosing words of criticism and dissent? How can we hope to uplift the planet, our existence and our connection to one another if we choose to tear down and not uplift?


Anger begets more anger and violence begets violence and criticism and dissent beget more criticism and dissent, so why bother creating more of what YOU DON’T WANT adding to and increasing the pain and suffering, that I think you’ll agree we have enough of in the world?

I love Rumi and one of his quotes that has always resonated with me is:

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”


So the next time you feel like railing against another person or putting your energy into criticism or complaint then remember that that energy will radiate out and you, as a ‘drop,’ may also be the recipient of that very same energy… 

Blissings and much love

Insightful Angel


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