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Silent Saboteurs

Happy Sunday all

fears-701990_1280Today I’m going to comment on something that many of us experience, yet we are (consciously at least) unaware of it.

I’m talking about the fear of success

Who fears success? You holler. Well, you may be surprised to realise it, but many of us harbour unconscious Silent Saboteurs

They can manifest in the form of procrastination. You have a goal that you want to achieve or a level of comfort, stability, income that you know you are worth, yet you can’t seem to pick up the momentum you’d hoped with the actions you take to you reach your envisaged goal.


question-mark-460869_1280Sometimes we procrastinate not because we don’t want to take the necessary steps, (we’re often working like Trojans and can’t understand why we’re not making the headway we hope to), but become overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and are not sure where to start, or we are unaware (and this is the key to the challenge here) that on a subconscious level we feel undeserving and have some form of guilt or feeling of undeserving attached to receiving the abundance we so desperately want and know we deserve.


stamp-114438_150I’ll give you an example from my own recent experience: Through this experience I REALLY understood the importance to your psyche of owning your successes and celebrating your achievements.

It was a great surprise to suddenly find myself in a bidding war between two agencies Last Friday. As they batted the fee and the contract benefits backward and forwards, like game of ping-pong, I had moments of guilt and moments of panic.

yes-238374_150Both consultants were of course pressing for me to make an immediate decision and of course wanted me to decide in favour of THEIR client. In the end I had to tell them both to give me half an hour to have a ‘cuppa,’ breathe and really check myself internally so I decided that was ‘right for me,’ not one that was a reaction to MY own silent saboteurs, emotions or pressure.

During the process it became clear that one of my major silent saboteurs are feelings of ‘obligation’ ‘should do,’ ‘loyalty’ and ‘guilt.’

Let me explain:

I could choose to stay with the current organisation; in their favour were established relationships, familiarity etc. However:

  1. They had not retained my services until two days before the holidays, so I was unaware of my situation as I headed into the season
  2. When they did offer to continue with my services they offered to extend me by one month only, so come the end of Jan 2016, I could again find myself looking for another situation
  3. They offered to pay an increased fee only after my skills and talents were in danger of going elsewhere. After someone else saw my potential immediately and offered to pay what they felt my skill and abilities are worth.


A New EndingMy silent saboteurs were kicking in and I felt ‘guilty’ at the idea of leaving because of the relationships I’d developed; I felt an obligation to ‘see it through,’ even though if I did so they could easily let me go and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see it through anyway.

The new, brings with it feelings of exhilaration and excitement and I knew from experience that these are signs; my intuition was indicating that this is the door I should walk through for my personal development and expansion, so why the indecision?

Success means change

door-672999_1280Stepping up to the next level of success, however it manifests is something we’ve never before experienced and so it feels strange. We’ve all experienced that twinge of trepidation when we’ve had to deal with a new environment or situation, the doubt whether we are ‘up to the task’ do we have the skills, the intellect, the knowledge the confidence the style, the whatever…to make the grade and stay afloat in this new sea of experience?

Just keep swimming…

More often than not these fears are unfounded and we do more than rise to the occasion we may even find things are far easier at the ‘next level’ than we anticipated. We do more than float but swim deftly and easily. Before long it feels so familiar in this space we wonder why we ever had doubt in the first place.

The two faces of success

masks-833421_1280You see success has two faces: there’s the positive side, the side we focus on that keeps us ploughing on when we are in pursuit of the goal and are striving. We rarely see or think about the other side, which may have .

Yes there are potential negatives…

Fear of success is as I said and ‘UNCONSCIOUS’ saboteur and those fears are the ones that appear larger and more ominous because avoid evaluating them.

Anything we avoid, tends to grow stronger and more powerful. Anything you fear you tend to avoid (either consciously or subconsciously) and when we focus on avoiding we reinforce the avoidance behaviour…hence procrastination, indecision, stop and start patterning etc.

If you wish losing a significant amount of weight you may:

  • Subconsciously fear the potential criticism or jealousy from others you know who say they need to lose weight too…you may be ‘ejected from the club.’
  • What about the extra attention and praise you may receive? You may fear how to deal with it
  • What of the new clothes you will undoubtedly have to buy. If you situation is less than flush, this could be a challenging investment to have to make.

They may seem trivial, but these subconscious saboteurs can completely halt your achieving your vision, thought you are actively ‘doing’ on conscious level.

The incredible Shrinking Saboteur

One way and the way I was able to shrink and get rid of my subconscious saboteur was to face it. Anything we put a spotlight on or examine tends to shrink and we see the issue for what it truly is. More often than not it is less scary that we imagined and we are able to find the confidence to deal with the feelings, situation, status, abundance that have manifest for us.


hands-423794_1280Turning the spotlight on my feelings made me realise that I didn’t have to ‘DO’ or ‘Be’ any more than I was already. I realised, that I was being fought for because I had been the very best I could be, I had consistently performed with passion and love over a 10-year plus period. I understood that this was just reward for that and that if I was to achieve even more and feel comfortable with the level of success I envisioned for myself this was the next logical step. I needed to put this new overcoat on and get used to wearing it.


girl-843076_1280By acknowledging the hidden side to success, but more importantly (and this is where the focus should be) by counting and acknowledging the positives, the minute by minute, day by day, month by month successes I had already achieved I was able to shift my feelings of undeserving or guilt and so feel completely worthy of the abundance being offered to me.

This January… as we consider the year that has just passed and look towards our ambitions for the year ahead I urge you to look at your success. Own and celebrate, what you have achieved and how far you have come. You will surprise yourself I assure you.

By feeling joy and self-appreciation you consciously programme yourself to accept and step up to even more success to come.

Blissings, Joy and peace for 2016

Insightful Angel

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Last tie

Happy Sunday All,

This week I came across a blog post from a young 24-year-old.

Called ‘My last tie.’

neckties-210347_1280They were trying to make the last moments of  their life matter, so they posted some advice for the rest of us. Much of what he said resonated quite powerfully as much of ‘My last tie,’ were thoughts and musings I have tried to express here when I share the learning I have acquired on my journey.

However, they can never be stated too often.

So for today, I am going to reference the powerful words of the author of ‘My last tie’ and add my own insights:

“Don’t waste your time on work that you don’t enjoy.”

  • Why do we do it to ourselves? If we are to succeed in life at whatever it is we DO, surely there is a need for us to love whatever it is we are doing? When we do things out of obligation or duty we cannot possible DO our best nor be our best selves. We owe it to ourselves to be ‘in love’ with what we do, for when we do what we love we are passionate and dedicated. When someone has passion for what they do, the dedication to see it through no matter what and the focus to not be distracted by the naysayers and detractors, success naturally follows.

encourage-866765_1280“It’s stupid to be afraid of others’ opinions.”

  • When we pay attention to the opinions of others we lose ourselves.You see… the one thing I know, is that we cannot control others and that everyone has opinions. It stands to reason then that if you allow yourself to be caught in the trap of listening to and paying attention to others’ opinions of you, you will very quickly become bent out of shape. Eventually you will have with no real idea who YOU truly are, as you veer this way to that opinion and then that way because of someone else’s.
  • The only way to stay centred and sure is to follow the unmistakable beat and calling of your own intuition regarding what is right for you. Yes… you risk seeming ‘odd’ to everyone else, so what if it’s not ‘conventional,’ (who want’s to be that anyway?) In time, you will feel the joy of walking to your own beat and singing to the rhythm that’s within your own soul.
  • Soon, you’ll be so in love with your own life you won’t even hear the voices of the detractors and who knows… Maybe in doing so, you may well become someone else’s HERO/INE?

“Take control of your life Take full responsibility for the things that happen to you.”

  • The life you’re living today, in this very moment, is as a result of the decisions you made and actions you took in the past. OWN IT!
  • You cannot move securely and positively into the future of a life you want if you’re making excuses and blaming others for where you find yourself today. Of course the decisions others make, you can only react to, but there again, your reaction, physical or emotional, is your CHOICE to make.
  • You see when you take responsibility for where you are and accept ‘YOU‘ got yourself here, you are fully empowered because along with that thought, comes the realisation that you can simply ‘choose’ and ‘act’ differently to produce a different outcome in the future.

A New EndingSo choose today…Choose now… Take action…

Create a different outcome!

Move your body

  •  A lazy body leads to a lazy mind. Your body is the container for your wonderful essence. It stands to reason, that if you put food into a stale container, then no matter how fresh it was before, the food will go off. You cannot hope to put positivity in, if what you’re putting it into is already caked with negativity. Find an activity, no matter how unusual that makes you feel expanded and joyous and get up and GO!

    Most of all, don’t procrastinate!

    Let your life be shaped by decisions you made, not by the ones you didn’t. – Speaks for itself!

    divergence-899506_1280Life is NOW, not when everything is perfect, there is no such thing as the perfect time and if there was how would YOU know when in waiting for things to be ‘perfect,’ as you see them, you’re passing up on doors that have opened for you because you didn’t like the colour they were painted.

“Appreciate the people around you your friends and relatives will always be an infinite source of strength and love.” That is why you shouldn’t take them for granted.

  • Again, self-explanatory, but remember who was there for you. My hope is that you have relatives who are loving and supportive, but if the family you were born into are not there for you then focus your attention on the family that is…
  • Give them your time,
  • Give them your effort,
  • Give them your energy
  • Give them your love.

Don’t leave it till you’re close to choosing your last tie to decide your life is worth living!

I truly hope these words resonate…

I will repeat them time and time again until everyone or can influence in my own small way, is choosing the life they want and deserve and not one they accept by default. You see even just in the choosing and the creating you will experience energy and joy because you’re the creator. You’ll finally be the one in the ‘driving seat’ of your life.

Blissings & much love

Insightful Angel

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Happy Sunday All,

For some reason this morning, I was thinking again about what makes many of us dissatisfied or fearful or unable to deal with the challenges we face. Why aren’t we all living beautifully and blissfully 24/7 with beaming smiles on our faces? I deduced it comes down to ‘Safety.’Be Safe, love

Safety is the state of being “safe” (from French ‘sauf’ – To save), the condition of being protected against physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, psychological, educational, or other types or consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents, harm, or any other event that could be considered non-desirable. Safety can also be defined as the control of recognised hazards to achieve an acceptable level of risk. This can take the form of being protected from the event or from exposure to something that causes health or economical losses.


be-423796_1280I posted a video on my Insightful Angel Facebook page yesterday (Insightful Angel on Facebook) and I’m going to go back and watch it over and over. You see in that video I was reminded that as children we are born and then spend our time just being who we are. Isn’t this as it should be our whole lives? That we simply work on being the best “ME” I can be? So what is it that makes us think as we grow that our meaning is no longer ‘within’ but ‘without?’


For many of us, perhaps most of us, we experience (or think we do) something early on, or are told something. It could be a major occurrence that leaves an indelible memory and effect, or it could be a minor event that we are unaware has had any kind of impact; but this event, leaves us thinking or feeling, that the world holds some danger within it.

Obviously, we decide in the face of danger to protect ourselves and therein lies the rub!


Let’s take a look at the word protect for a minute:



  1. keep safe from harm or injury.

  2. keep safe, keep from harm, save, safeguard, shield, preserve, defend, cushion, shelter, screen, secure, fortify, guard

characters-696949_1280Now, I don’t know about you, but each synonym for protect implies a distance. There is the inherent act of creating a barrier when we try to live from a place of safety. It occurred to me that this is exactly the opposite of what we are here to do and be.

I know I bang on about children, but watch them…they’re amazing and embody all the freedom and light and expansiveness we see in the living world around us. They’re daring…relentless, happy (most of the time) and they’re really never concerned with comparing themselves to someone else.

I firmly believe we come here with everything we need to know about being abundant and happy and that we are a part of everything that is, yet we decide to ignore all of it in a desire to stay living from a place of safety.

It’s all in the feeling

When we learnt to walk, we were fearless and how many times did we fall over and yet get up again and again. We had a goal. Everyone around us walked upright and we wanted to do it too, so we tirelessly kept trying. We didn’t care how many times we got bruised, we let it go, ‘shook it off’ and started again.

Gosh how determined and independent!

Sister DanceAs we tried to speak and babbled and said silly incomprehensible words that made our family and friends laugh we didn’t care what they thought and as they laughed at us we laughed with them, pleased that we were making others happy and making ourselves happy in the process.

When a young child decides that they’re a superhero, you cannot convince them otherwise, when they smear themselves in paint (and not to mention your walls and furniture too!) they have no regard for anyone’s opinion as to whether it is ‘good’ or not nor if anyone likes it. They simply enjoy the process of creation and how it makes them feel.

encourage-866765_1280 Don’t hold back

It is my view that in trying to be safe we in fact create the very instability that we are hoping to avoid.

I’ll give you an example: Let’s take love and romance.

In our desire to be safe and not be rejected we never make that call to person we have feelings for.

In our desire to be safe and not ‘hurt’ we hold back and perhaps don’t allow our partner to truly ‘know’ us. Yet we crave connection on a deep, deep level and to be loved completely for who we are (inside and out).

How can this happen if we are ‘keeping from harm,’ ‘shielding,’ or ‘protecting’ some part of ourselves from the very person we say we want to be authentic and ‘open’ with?

Result: Because they (on that subtle non-verbal level) feel they cannot penetrate the ‘shield’ Or there is simply an impasse as you both spend your energy securing both of our defences, it becomes clear that the connection is not fulfilling your needs and one of you leaves. If lacking in courage, one of you will find someone else or some other excuse to break the connection.

Just do it!

superhero-534120_1280Instead of your ‘guard’ creating a place of ‘safety’ for you, you’re now adrift and feeling completely unsafe. You’ve created exactly the opposite of what you thought your protective measures would do for you. So now you’re left reeling finding it hard to understand ‘what the hell happened!’

In work or studies: Do you protect yourself by perpetually preparing, telling yourself you’re not yet ready, the product or programme is not ‘perfect?’ OR do you do ‘Just enough,’ or ‘what they pay me for?’ If that’s how you feel are you doing the right thing for you? Could you feel more empowered and contented in what you do if you took a risk and gave more of your time, your skills your attitude, paying no attention to the reward, but doing it for the JOY of it?

We have all heard the stories of those people who have reached a place of ‘success’ in their lives. I mean their personality and the work they do is aligned with their soul and they are in a place of contentment, a place of JOY.

In fact, no even those people who have created ‘success’ in material or criminal arenas have the same thing in common.

No safety Zone

It’s that they took risks.

fear-617132_1280They did not and do not live from a place of safety, they had a goal, an objective and they pursued it for themselves and how it made them feel, (just like the toddler engrossed in smearing paint), despite criticism and with scant regard for the opinions of others.

And guess what?

The wealth and notoriety and fame followed as if by magic!

  • Is there a place in your life where you’re feeling less than abundant?
  • How could you feel more so?
  • Are you holding back in some way, to avoid feeling vulnerable?
  • Are you in a constant state of preparation because really you fear criticism and/or disappointment?
  • If you’re still not in the space you want to be in, what have you got to lose?

For this week

calendar-547619_1280Take a risk…step out of your place of safety and SEIZE the opportunities the feelings the connections and the life, you know is Yours!

I’m excited to know what magic shows up for you when you do, so please leave a comment.

Blissings & Much Love

Insightful Angel

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Education & Birth

Happy Sunday All,


It would seem that Easter is a time of contemplation, renewal and re-birth for me. It always seems more right for me to make resolutions and changes at this time of the year than at any other.

Easter  for me represents re-birth and new life.

At this time one year ago I launched this blog site and I am proud of myself for committing to it and posting each week for 80% of the year. This year I have something as exciting to share with you and that is the launch of my new business.

A passion for Learning

leave-364178_1280As readers of this blog you will know I am a passionate educator, but now we are experiencing a crisis. A crisis in Education as the ‘scapegoating’ and ‘blaming’ of teachers means there’s a witch-hunt to get rid of those ‘incompetent’ and ‘lazy’ teaching professionals and their Leaders. This hunt, orchestrated by the Press & Politicians and believed by Parents is intensifying. The failure, as I see it is one belonging to our Political & Cultural leaders, as well as society. The problem is we’ve failed to eradicate poverty and the social disadvantages that go with it, yet it is on the teaching professions that we choose to place the blame.

This is the real issue and lies at the heart of educational under achievement and social disadvantage, yet it is we, the educators, who are told that they have failed to adequately support and guide our children.

Poorly…2014-06-22 11.18.54

As a result Education is sick. She’s barely able to support herself let alone the tireless idealists who enter the profession thinking we can contribute to society. We enter the profession bright and idealistic only to have the life and creativity sapped out of us by a Government that wants us to create sausages!

Same length, same thickness, same weight! Uniform drones who’ll continue to be compliant 21st Century minions.

Education is thrashing about furiously trying to meet the demands of Government who increasingly ask for statistics, data and more statistics. It is they who are wringing the curriculum they enforce us to teach dry of creativity, innovation or individuality. It is they who are squeezing the metaphorical life out of philosophical and cultural thought. It is they who are murdering social responsibility and collective thought. It is they who are drowning us in the weight of administration and red tape that we barely have time to think let alone design creative lessons that stimulate and challenge those we teach.

2014-07-06 10.17.40Making a difference

I want to serve in some way.

My vision is to use my skills to offer support to my colleagues, those heroes, yes heroes and heroines who tirelessly continue, like myself to go in every day because of love.


  • We love the children we teach.
  • Who go in every day so every one of our students, your children can discover, see and believe in the gifts they bring to the world.
  • Who go in every day and believe
  • Who do this despite criticism, blame, under-payment & under-financing of the institutions in which we work.

We should always A C C T

support-205187_150My service will take the form of supporting my fellow Teaching Leaders and professionals so that they can Lead & Teach through their Authenticity, Courage, Creativity & Trust. It is these qualities that I believe contributed to my success as an Educator and Education Leader and it is these qualities that create excellence in each of us if we give ourselves permission to bring these qualities into our work.

As an Educational professional working with my organisation my intention is for you to gain insight into your core values find the courage to lead and work operating with these fundamentals as your base. You will learn to understand your own gifts and find the courage to Lead and Teach from a place of greater authenticity. When you do this you create deeper connections both with colleagues and pupils. Deeper connections lead to communities based on trust. In such an environment EVERYONE succeeds, EVERYONE thrives.

My new Baby:


At RowanOak Consulting

Our mission is simple. We aim to create and support today’s leaders to lead powerfully, to lead with integrity & to lead authentically.

We will support you as an individual so you have a greater understanding of  and can lead yourselves. In turn you will become more effective, leaders of the groups, communities and organisations you serve and lead. You will be supported so that you can create a set of values that serve the whole and develop a leadership strategy that has been designed in & fosters trust Between you & your team members.

We will support you so you can govern with the good of all concerned as well as ensure that your cultural currency and decision-making are focused on satisfying the needs of the collective and not that of individual self-interest.

Our aim is to give, you, today’s leaders with the tools necessary to lead successfully, lead authentically and to lead for the common good.

We commit to guiding & supporting you, so that you are able to create cultures that are value based; cultures in which there is a shared commitment to supporting the needs of the collective, the needs of the community & the Global need.


angel-645591_1280It is an honour and a privilege to support those Teachers, Education professionals and Teaching Leaders who want to positive value based change, whether it be in your Career, your Department or your school and do so in a way that enables you to bring your truth and talents to your work.

It would seem that I’ve hi-jacked my post today and it’s become and homage to teachers (which was not my intention), however I’m not disappointed. Sometimes things just happen organically and you have to ‘flow’ with them.

If you are a teacher, if you work in Education, if you know of any teachers or teaching Leaders, Please forward today’s post to them so they know that they are appreciated  & loved for the work that they do.

Blissings & Much Love

Have a wonderful Easter Day

Insightful Angel

For a powerful conversation re: how I can best support you please feel free to comment via today’s post and please leave an email address for a reply.

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Trust the Process – “Let it go…”

Happy Sunday All,

“Let it go…the cold never bothered me anyway!”

Is The Greatest Disney song ever!

It’s official.

winter-343565_1280Now usually I’m very sceptical of Disney and the thinly disguised misogyny and sexism that ooze like a caramel centre through many of their fairy-tale offerings; missives that entice & mesmerise children and adults alike.

And who can blame us?

They are pretty irresistible.

I haven’t been infected by “Frozenmania” yet. Perhaps because my children are now grown up, maybe I’ve just become more cynical in my middle years? However, as I caught the tail end of ‘Disney’s greatest songs ever’ It occurred to me that the film is a powerful metaphor.

A metaphor for finding our personal truth and accepting ourselves;

Exactly as we are




baby-71614_1280Into hiding…

After she accidentally hurts her sister, Elsa is made to believe (by fearful parents and advisors), that she should fear herself:

“Conceal it don’t feel it…don’t let it show.” Is what they say to her.

How many of us have been the recipients of such advice and all too often when we are very young. Told overtly and subtly that we are not OK. Often the very thing that is our essence and our passion is the one thing we are good-naturedly advised to contain or ‘not let show’

  • It could be we are kind-hearted – we’re told we’re too soft, the world is ‘just not like that!
  • It could be we are communicators – we are told to be quiet… we talk too much!
  • It could be that we’re great visionaries – we’re told to be sensible… how can YOU do that…people like us…

I think you get the picture.

The very qualities that make Elsa who she is and are actually her gifts, the authentic face that she should be unafraid to show to the world, the talents she should be able to nurture, express and to lovingly present proudly to the world, she is instead made to fear.

“Fear is your greatest enemy.”

self-doubt-424968_1280Never a truer word spoken, but all too often, just like poor Elsa it is the fear of others and their potential criticism that we fear. That very fear then causes insecurity and tension and in this state of tension that Elsa accidentally hurts the one person she loves most… her sister.

Her not knowing how to relax into herself and be confident hurts her too. As a result, she believes she has to give up the one person who loves & accepts her unconditionally.

She now thinks she is evil… thinks that what is natural to her is odious to everyone else and decides she has no choice but to hide away.

This fear has now become a belief.

But, it is her fear of herself that creates the problem for our princess. Her fear of ‘letting go,’ and allowing her nature to show itself that Disney shows us is the path to destruction.

The past is the past… Are you still hiding?

Are you one of the many who still hold vivid images or visions of what you are or want for your life yet are still too afraid of ‘opinion.’ Or too used to ‘hiding’ that you are in a constant state of unease…as if the life you’re in doesn’t QUITE fit…like a gift box that’s just a tad small, you know you squeezed yourself into one or two of the corners and there’s just a pinch

let-go-594531_1280In hiding however, Elsa is able to relax. She finds the space to accept herself; she finds the courage to step into her truth.…albeit a space that she believes she has to be alone in (see she is still fearful that she will not be accepted by others especially now she is OWNING her truth), but when she announces…

“I’m never going back, the past is in the past… Let it go, Let it go and I’ll rise like the break of dawn.” –

Boy does she rise…She is transformed.

She emerges beautiful…fully realised strutting her stuff in all her power and all in a cracking Crystal frock too!


This is perhaps the greatest lesson of all: the lesson that whatever happened, whomever we thought we were, whatever actions we took before this very moment live permanently in the past. There is no changing them, so accept them and learn for them so you make choices that are more fitting with the new YOU…

“Where your focus goes grows!”

Those who know me know I say this often. The point is if we are constantly focused on the past we stand still.

2014-08-24 08.43.36The past is retrospective, there is no forward motion when we look behind. You also tend to walk into lampposts if you’re looking behind yourself which leads cuts and bruises!

When we focus on the past we fail over and over again to let go of the very things we say we want to be rid of because guess what? We’re focusing on the very things we don’t want, the very things we should leave exactly where they live – in the past.

Instead of a forward motion our focus is on the things that went wrong, the things that we no longer have, so we are creating a perpetual state of things we don’t have, things we don’t want.

“Alone…where I can be who I am without hurting anybody.”umbrella-170962_150

So, she’s unapologetic…she’s found her voice and is strutting her stuff. Perhaps you too have found your voice and like Elsa you’ve got your Mojo working, but our princess still has a challenge.

It’s easy to think that once we have discovered who we are that this new you can only survive in a space ‘away’ form all that we knew, that we have to hide or run away to find acceptance of this ‘true self’ and to think that perhaps those who knew us as we were will be unable to accept the NEW us, and reject us.

Courage: Make no apologybear-656435_1280

My question is: Why should we care?

I mean seriously!

True courage is found the moment you stop apologising.

It’s only when Elsa Fully accepts herself and makes no apology whatsoever for who she is, to ANYONE, when she accepts and embraces her talents regardless of the opinions of others, allows her gifts and the beauty in them into the light and among others, including those who were a part of the world where she learnt to ‘not let it show,’ that she is at her most alluring, her most captivating, her most powerful and receives the most love.

And guess what? Don’t those gifts end up being a wonderful support to the community that she thought would reject her!

maple-leaf-638022_1280Take a leaf…

We would do well to enthusiastically rip a leaf form the book of Elsa and ‘Step up, Step out and Stand tall!’ put on your own Crystal frock and ‘Work it!’

You see when we learn to breathe and truly ‘settle’ into the truth of who are. When we find the courage to accept our path then we ARE transformed and we wonder why we restricted our thinking, our actions and shielded others from our talents in the first place.

When you find the courage to be you… regardless of family, friends, the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘ought tos’ and you allow yourself to be the YOU you came here to be that’s when the magic happens.

When you find yourself allowing it’s as if you’re on a conveyor and all the struggle and stress seems to dissipate as the people and opportunities you need seem to just show up!

Just like a Disney movie, your life too will seem as if it’s rolling itself out to the final thrill of YOUR OWN

Happy Ending!

 Blissings and Much Love

Insightful Angel 

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