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Half Century

Happy Sunday all,

This isn’t the post I intended to send to you today. I had a minor disaster a few minutes ago and at the point of completion, my post for this week disappeared. (Thank you WordPress). Two hours of time and loving labour down the drain on a sunny Sunday. Not happy as you can imagine.

Anyhow, I’ve picked myself up and decided to change my theme as I love sending these messages to you and truly appreciate the loving support I get from you all.

Well, Yesterday I reached a landmark. I managed to get through a ‘Half  Century’ on this plane.

 Half Century

be-511555_1280Half century of (and in no particular order) Self discovery and challenge, a half century of worry and stress, a half century of love & loving and joy, a half century of hope and dreaming, a half century of disappointment and letdown, a half century of laughter and tears, a half century of …‘the little things,’ a half century of magic and blissings, a half century of fun and learning and frustration and pain, a half century of being and doing, a half century of ME.

Just me learning and growing and becoming ME

The more I become ME, the happier I am

The more loving I am and the more love I receive in return.

The more accepting I am of ME the more acceptance I receive

The journey

2014-06-01 20.09.36On this journey I have discovered many things. Many things which I often share with you here, but if there is one thing I’d share in the hope that you truly understand, one message that I hope my children, your children, you and all you know will hear and truly take to heart, then that one message, THE most significant gift I can give you is this…

Find and be YOU, the real, authentic, maddening, loving, eclectic, funny, quirky, sophisticated, complex, annoying, talented, creative, original you – As soon as possible and step right into those shoes made just for YOU.

Learn from me: Each one Teach one

Know that whoever you are, you show the glory of the universe back to itself. That all you ever want or ever need is available to YOU if YOU decide you are worthy of it.friends-52662_150

  • Life has taught me that resistance is futile. Resistance creates tension and tension creates pressure and pressure leads to the organism breaking down
  • Life has taught me that we are here to be happy, deliriously and ecstatically happy and if we’re not we have a divine right to change things so that we are
  • Life has taught me that worry is nonsense. It simply creates upset and tension (see above)
  • Life has taught me that it will always be alright in the end
  • Life has taught me that you are guided and you are never alone
  • Life has taught me that if we do not pay attention to and learn the lessons we are being taught we WILL have to repeat them again and again, with increasing degrees of pain until we DO pay attention.
  • Life has taught me that LOVE is all there is…Love conquers all
  • Life has taught me we can have, be and do anything we choose…

You, you and you alone…Watch your words

It’s all down to YOU.

Your thoughts, your deeds your intentions.

They all emanate from you and so you create your world from YOU and for YOU

Make no apology for being YOU

Be loyal to YOU

Accept YOU

Be kind to YOU

Respect YOU

Love YOU

Be silent with YOU

Cherish the uniqueness of YOU

Be fully present and celebrate the Wonder that is YOU:

 Much love & Blissings

Insightful Angel


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