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A Father is…

Happy Sunday ALL,

No-one can escape that today is father’s day in the UK.

So we’re paying tribute to the men the ‘good’ fathers who stoically and more often than not silently, get on with the business of being ‘DAD.’

hands-407388_1280Billy Graham said:

A Good father is one of the most unsung, un-praised, unnoticed and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.’

I think, if you’ve been paying attention over the last couple of weeks you’ll know that I agree with him wholeheartedly.

This post is dedicated to the ‘Dads’ who, in the absence of a father in my formative years, have become a model to me in my latter ones of what it is to be a father.

So to:  The Richard Smiths, the Lee Arnolds, Peter Brodericks, Sam Leighes, ‘Christafaris’ – Chris ‘Piano man’ Camerons, Deane Tomlins, Minton Goodisons, Tony Barzeys , Bjorn Foxes, Dan Sherriffes, David Taylors, De-Napoli Clarkes, Derrick Armstrongs, Gary Grants… to any I have not mentioned accept my apologies.

DadWhat is a father…

From those wonderful men mentioned before I have come to learn that a father is:

A champion

A Gladiator who satisfies his innocent offspring’s deepest need for protection.

The fiercest advocate, who fights for his child’s right to be.

Is in love…

With the wonder of his offspring though finding the words to express, may oftentimes be the hardest thing to do.

But it’s there…

A deep gut-wrenching ache of admiration he gets on those increasing rare times that his child acknowledges how much he means to them.


In his adoration

He is his son’s first hero and teacher the man you look up to no matter that you now tower above him.

father-445096_1280He is his daughter’s guardian and the man from whom she learns how to love and be loved.

He embodies the ideas and the respect she should expect from the man who will replace him.

The perfect example of how she should be cherished nurtured and cared for.

He picks you up when you fall and let’s you know you’re OK

He makes the world safe

The one who’s approval you seek because you know he holds you to standards that are superior, that he wants you to be better than even he.

Is a gift and his greatest gift to you is…

to teach you how to live without him, that way he knows not matter what

You’ll be OK

A Good man

Your DAD.

To those wonderful Dads out there

Blissings & Much love 

Insightful Angel

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