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The Waiting Room

Happy Sunday All

buddha-709861_1280This morning as I meditated I asked for guidance about what I should share with you today, what came up was to share with you why I’m in the place I’m in…

You see, I find myself in a place or space in my life I call ‘The Waiting Room.’ I’m unable to work and I have to be still (but… I have so much to DO!)

We all know this place and I’m guessing most of us have been here, perhaps several times. This is a place where, when you’re in it you feel agitated and impatient.

The Waiting Room

girl-843076_1280The Waiting Room space feels like the expectation you have when you’ve handed in your notice and you’re waiting to go to the next job, but you’ve still got two weeks to go and you’ve pretty much handed over your responsibilities…

You’re treading water, as you see it and nothing much is happening. You’re impatient for the next phase of your career to start and you’re agitated.

It’s a similar feeling to when you’re in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy, your ankles are swollen, you’re tired and you ‘JUST WANT THE THING OUT!’ but that little blissing is still cooking and in fact these last few weeks are THE most important part of the process, for it is here that the little mite packs in the calories and packs on the bulk, so that s/he is strong enough to cope with being born.


Perhaps it’s a big contract and the ink hasn’t yet dried on it yet…you need to know the details, so you can co-ordinate the right team and ‘get stuck in,’ but you can’t get ahead of yourself just yet.

So, it is with The Waiting Room

This is a space of preparation, but most of us fail to recognise this and can react to it with frustration, impatience, upset maybe even anger.

No…No…No… No… No people!


Journeys, waiting & frustrations

rue-d-anglais-238513_1280Now, I’m pretty certain most of us have been on a journey of some sort. I mean an actual train/bus/sea/plane journey. Journeys are synonymous with waiting, waiting and more waiting and if we’re not waiting we’re queuing. If you recall a time when you’ve been in a waiting room, you may recall some quite distinctive behaviour as you watch the others waiting alongside you.

  1. Some pace backwards and forwards as if this action alone will make the train/bus etc. arrive sooner
  2. Another is cross and mumbling about having to wait and how shoddy the systems are
  3. Another sits focused on the potential for missing the said bus/train and then because they’re so focused on NOT missing it they’re tense and agitated
  4. Another has left it to the last-minute and comes charging in minutes before the train is about to pull out creating a lot of bluster and noise as they do so and bumping into the poor old lady who needs time to get from the platform and mount the steps into the carriage

Another way?

its-your-choiceWhen our life’s journey places us in The Waiting Room, we could choose to react differently. We could do what the fifth person chooses to and that is… to choose to accept.

This is the person who sits calmly reading or simply daydreaming. They see The Waiting Room as a divine opportunity to catch a hold of themself and appreciate where they’ve been; a valuable transitory time to reflect and be excited about where they’re going.

You see, The Waiting Room is the place where you’re on the verge of something new. It’s a space in which another aspect of you or another chapter of your life is teetering and preparing to emerge. Yes PREPARING.  

The Earth is being dug up, the soil tilled and the furrows ploughed. The best possible conditions are being prepared for you so you can sow fresh seeds and for them to take firm root, germinate and grown into a ripe future.


spiral-1000771_1280When we allow ourselves to accept that the Waiting Room is where we are and love it as much at the exciting times of change we are on the path to accepting the more challenging times we are sure to meet too (the polishing you up times).

Acceptance is one of the Major Keys to YOUR joy and happiness

  • When you accept whatever comes you’ll be better more able to deal with wherever you are and whatever comes up for you.
  • Acceptance means you allow yourself to slow down and take stock, evaluate and get a clearer perspective of who you are, what you want, where you really want to go and how.
  • The more you practice acceptance of your situation, the more you accept the situations and situations of others.
  • In this way you come to accept yourself and all that you are too.
  • You recognise your talents and gifts and become awed by the knowledge that there is only one YOU, only ever will be this version of YOU EVER!

    And that is a wondrous thing…

There …my dear friend lays the path to your bliss.


Blissings & Much love

Insightful Angel

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The Family – University of Life

Happy Sunday All

This week I have been loving my connection with family. Now when I say family we have two. We have those we were born into and the family that we choose as we go through life. This week the clear message has been that our families are ‘Our University of Life.’

Jilly Cooper - Love your familyNow this post will be quickie as I have a family christening to attend later this morning. Another lovely opportunity to learn and I’m buzzed. Family is important to me, but the family connection and dynamic I’ve envisaged most of my life hasn’t always been present. This is perhaps true for many of you?

I’m sure we all have an ideal (sometimes one often given to us by the media and books) and idealised view of how we’d like our mother, father or siblings to be and behave, how we’d like to feel within the bosom of the family when we come together, but for some we spend our time nonplussed: ‘why this?’ and ‘why that?’

As you may have noticed, I am a reflector. An observer. I have always asked why this and why that both of myself and others and what I’ve come to realise about family is that it truly is the best learning environment for those of us who are seekers & questioner.

Reflections & Mirrors

flower-658687_1280 We all (well many of us do) have that one brother, sister, cousin, aunt or uncle; maybe it’s your mother or father, but there is often one person in you immediate or extended family that gives you that ‘NYJA’ feeling. Who twist up your insides and make you cross or annoyed, piqued or frustrated, yet when it happens you decide every time it’s not worth it and instead of asserting yourself you stay cross and smother the feeling.

In this circumstance you need to consider if it actually is THEY that are the issue or is it YOU?

You see, it’s not the other person and their actions where the learning comes from, but our reaction to it!

On consideration…

When those resentful feelings occur or those critical thoughts they mean one of two things

  1. This person is reflecting a trait within you that you are not dealing with
  2. Or they are reflecting a quality or trait that you can think about and choose not clear or reject?

I would suggest that if you have the ‘njya’ feeling when you meet or spend time in the company of the other person and you’re feeling negative in some way about them and or their behaviour/attitude then it’s more likely that the family university is showing you a quality within you need to deal with. “But I’m not like that!” I hear you scream,

…but perhaps it’s not in the way you think

Example: Anger

enraged-804311_1280You have one person who is rather quick to take offence and react or overreact to family situations. They maybe sulk and snap at everyone blaming and complaining or maybe they explode and terrify the gathering through intimidation. You find this really annoying and it ‘gets under your skin’ every time.

This does not mean you are like them, however, such a powerful reaction in you indicates that perhaps there is some unresolved anger within YOU that you need to deal with?

They are mirroring this back to you.

swan-293157_1280In the same situation your sister or brother or cousin or whoever has a very different reaction as you complain to them (stating how shocking so and so is being and how can they do this and etc., etc). They are much calmer than you more philosophical in their response than you are, saying ‘Or poor so and so, it’s so hard for them,’ or something similar. You find this even more irritating because you wanted them to support and agree with you and our feelings about the other person. How can they condone this when Mr/Ms Angry is terrorising the family?

Ying & Yang

The two reactions to the same situation illustrate the point I’m making.

yin-and-yang-145874_150Their reaction is calm and reflective. They see the angry family member as having qualities they have rejected, never had and continue to reject or have dealt with in a healthy way. They decided some time ago, somewhere in their subconscious that a violent or aggressive expression of anger is not something that they have within them or choose to have, so it’s simply something they can see and let go; they can objectively see it and sympathise with the pain that is nearly always the root of anger and angry outbursts.

Your reaction, because it creates a physical response within you is reflecting that you either haven’t dealt with your own anger or that you’re ignoring it, pretending you’re ‘not an angry person.’ and denying yourself a healthy expression of the anger we all must experience at some point.

Two interpretations:

  1. A conscious acknowledgment or a rejection.
  2. An acceptance or blind spot


Three blessings!In the family university of life our children are often our biggest, most painful or most joyous lessons. Many texts I have read, say the energy and personalities of our children often show the energy and nature of the relationship between the parents at the time of their conception.

Similarly, as they grow, they reflect and mirror characteristics and qualities within yourself to look at and resolve.

When you observe your children what do their character and behaviours say about your relationship with your spouse or if you’re a single parent about your relationship with yourself? Your reaction to them will tell you.

  • Do you Love their characteristics and support them – are they mirroring the ‘good’ in you?
  • Do you resent some particular trait and as such are they mirroring something you need to deal with within yourself?
  • Or are they illustrating something you are ‘blind’ to and failing to acknowledge exists within you? If you realise you have this ‘flaw’ or characteristic, how will you then choose to ‘be’ in regard to it? Resentful meaning it’s not resolved or Accepting and loving yourself regardless but aware of it and working with and through it?

In Closing

buddha-708490_1280Well, it’s time for me to say ‘adieu’ and hope that today’s message has given you food for thought, but more importantly, shed light on why we react the way that we do.

When we observe our reaction(s) to the behaviours of our family, children and  friends, when we sit up straight and pay attention in lectures provided by The Family University of life we are given opportunities, another day and another chance to ‘Choose who we want to be!’


Blissings & much love

Insightful Angel

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Half Century

Happy Sunday all,

This isn’t the post I intended to send to you today. I had a minor disaster a few minutes ago and at the point of completion, my post for this week disappeared. (Thank you WordPress). Two hours of time and loving labour down the drain on a sunny Sunday. Not happy as you can imagine.

Anyhow, I’ve picked myself up and decided to change my theme as I love sending these messages to you and truly appreciate the loving support I get from you all.

Well, Yesterday I reached a landmark. I managed to get through a ‘Half  Century’ on this plane.

 Half Century

be-511555_1280Half century of (and in no particular order) Self discovery and challenge, a half century of worry and stress, a half century of love & loving and joy, a half century of hope and dreaming, a half century of disappointment and letdown, a half century of laughter and tears, a half century of …‘the little things,’ a half century of magic and blissings, a half century of fun and learning and frustration and pain, a half century of being and doing, a half century of ME.

Just me learning and growing and becoming ME

The more I become ME, the happier I am

The more loving I am and the more love I receive in return.

The more accepting I am of ME the more acceptance I receive

The journey

2014-06-01 20.09.36On this journey I have discovered many things. Many things which I often share with you here, but if there is one thing I’d share in the hope that you truly understand, one message that I hope my children, your children, you and all you know will hear and truly take to heart, then that one message, THE most significant gift I can give you is this…

Find and be YOU, the real, authentic, maddening, loving, eclectic, funny, quirky, sophisticated, complex, annoying, talented, creative, original you – As soon as possible and step right into those shoes made just for YOU.

Learn from me: Each one Teach one

Know that whoever you are, you show the glory of the universe back to itself. That all you ever want or ever need is available to YOU if YOU decide you are worthy of it.friends-52662_150

  • Life has taught me that resistance is futile. Resistance creates tension and tension creates pressure and pressure leads to the organism breaking down
  • Life has taught me that we are here to be happy, deliriously and ecstatically happy and if we’re not we have a divine right to change things so that we are
  • Life has taught me that worry is nonsense. It simply creates upset and tension (see above)
  • Life has taught me that it will always be alright in the end
  • Life has taught me that you are guided and you are never alone
  • Life has taught me that if we do not pay attention to and learn the lessons we are being taught we WILL have to repeat them again and again, with increasing degrees of pain until we DO pay attention.
  • Life has taught me that LOVE is all there is…Love conquers all
  • Life has taught me we can have, be and do anything we choose…

You, you and you alone…Watch your words

It’s all down to YOU.

Your thoughts, your deeds your intentions.

They all emanate from you and so you create your world from YOU and for YOU

Make no apology for being YOU

Be loyal to YOU

Accept YOU

Be kind to YOU

Respect YOU

Love YOU

Be silent with YOU

Cherish the uniqueness of YOU

Be fully present and celebrate the Wonder that is YOU:

 Much love & Blissings

Insightful Angel


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The ties that bind

Happy Sunday all,

Do you get the feeling that there’s a change afoot?

A polarisation?

Doom & Gloom

eyes-34781_150Our destruction of our planet, the near extinction of many of the world’s species, Polar Ice-Caps melting, GMO crops & foods, pesticides, annihilating our Bee population, Fracking and all the other heartless, big-business practises; taxation, taxation, taxation, our increasing lack of freedom and civil liberty, can make it seem as though we are completely enmeshed in the ‘Big Brother’ era and the ‘Matrix’ seems inescapable.

We are suspicious of and hateful towards anything and anyone that isn’t a member of our ‘tribe,’ the ones that do not wear the same markings we do, ‘The other,’ or ‘Them,’ ‘Them’ who are taking our homes, our jobs, dating our children and lowering our moral standards. ‘They’ who are ‘strange’ and ‘different’ and just ‘not like us.’

Paranoia and fear are high. In such times…we tend to forget ‘the ties that bind’ and focus on factors that divide.

The Awakening

christmas-221393_150Yet, at the same time can’t you feel it? There’s a spiritual awakening taking place. More and more of us are waking up, searching for and finding the truth beyond the veil of mis-representations and omissions that have kept us pretty blind to what is really important on this journey.

In just twenty years I have seen a greater acceptance of a more spiritual language and it’s seeping into the language of the everyday. When my spiritual journey started and I mentioned the word ‘soul.’ I would be looked on quizzically, sometimes called a ‘weirdo.

A new Language

street-sign-141396_150Yoga, Meditation, Vegetarianism, Vegan lifestyles, Conservation and the growth membership of organisations calling for Unity, (some of which have been working hard so for several decades, to only NOW be heard) caring for our planet and the idea that perhaps it IS possible to live in harmony with the other creatures that inhabit this earth. Were all ideas that we sneered at a decade or so ago, but happily the awakening is picking up pace and more and more of us are getting it – allowing the thought that “There’s gotta be more than this!” and it is a thought that        is gathering pace.

Divide and conquer

Let’s face it, there are two main ideals we experience which keep us passive and ‘running’ around the hamster wheel of life.

arm-wrestling-176645_150We are assaulted by a perpetual and unrelenting media diet of unachievable goals to meet with regard to our bodies, ambitions, ideals and our material wealth else we’re deemed failures and secondly, we are told to compete with one another is the norm and this in turn feeds the notion that everyone outside of our ‘tribe’ is somehow a threat…if we let them get a ‘bigger slice of the pie.’ there’ll be less for ‘US’ to go around!


The only thing that thoughts like that create is a situation that keeps us separated from the very thing(s) we’re trying to draw into our lives… slackening the ties that bind.

‘If you’re not with us you’re ‘against us’

Race, culture, religion, gender, orientation, height, the sports team you support, neighbourhood you live in , car you drive, size of home, clothes you wear, size of TV screen, title at work are all labels we use. We’re sent a message which says that these titles and roles define who we are. We are then handed a set of ideals and rules that ‘our tribe’ says are necessary for survival, for inclusion, for acceptance and so then cloak ourselves in these rules and titles feeling superior and more entitled than the next person because of them.

More alike than not

smartphone-1445489_1280I know I’m not speaking here about anything you’re not already aware of, however the influence is so subtle, so persistent that at times it is barely noticeable. It runs deep, taking on a myriad of forms, so at times we forget that it is exactly these energies that are influencing us and shaping our minds, particularly those of our children. They become consumed with consuming, infatuated by popularity and seduced by Social Media.

The purpose?

To keep us distracted…to keep us sedated, so we disregard our natural capacity for love, so we continue to feel ‘less than,’ so we continue to ‘buy’ our self-approval, self-love and the love and approval of everyone else.

To no avail.

Bake your own piepumpkin-pie-520655_1280

Let’s say one day I wake up in a great mood and decide to bake a blueberry pie. I have a whole range of ingredients in my cupboards and in my fruit bowls, but I know I’m going to need blueberries; butter and flour to create the perfect pastry base; I have the salt and splash of milk needed to give it just a hint of richness; I know exactly what ingredients I need and exactly how to put it together.  So these are the ingredients I choose and combine to make the perfect blueberry pie.

The ingredients that are in harmony with and required for my recipe.

…It’s your kitchen, your pie, right here…now!

Those other ingredients in the cupboard are not right for my pie, but I don’t spend my time worrying about how they taste, or what they’re doing on the larder shelf, nor do I choose to exclude these ingredients from the cupboard and the kitchen altogether.ladles-419248_1280

I do not focus on them as they languish on the larder shelves, I don’t worry that I must throw the lot out because I don’t need them for the pie I’m baking now. I focus on baking my pie, in my kitchen, right here, right now. It doesn’t matter that these ingredients exist.

They’ll only end up in my pie if I put them in!

If I focus on them instead of concentrating on the pie I’m baking, then the likelihood is that I’ll end up burning my pie…all that effort wasted, no enjoyment, no delicious pie and as an end result I won’t get the satisfaction of eating something wonderful that I created.

“‘Tis the season to be jolly”balls-19885_150

When I recall the harrowing scenes of ‘Black Friday,’ and as this festive season gathers pace, I’d like for us to consider what it is that this season is really about?

It’s said it’s the “season of good will to all (wo)men.”

So this Festive Fortnight focus on the ‘ties that bind.’ Remember we are:

One human family

In my life I have learnt that our differences are wonderful and we really should celebrate them; that at the core we are more alike than different and that’s where our beauty resides. Instead of making this festive season one of competition and ‘feeling hard done to’ because you didn’t get the latest whatever…

Instead of rushing into yet another frenzied commercial scrum headlong into ‘sales’ to buy yet more things you do not need coz ‘that’s the thing to do isn’t it?’ why not take a moment.we-566326_1280

  1. Share a thought for someone who’s alone this holiday season and say ‘hello,’ even better spend half an hour or so. What could it hurt?
  2. Instead of rushing to buy yet more NEW, what do you have that you could generously give to others less fortunate, or recycle so others can get some joy from items that you no longer want or use?
  3. Th next time you meet or hear of someone who is making choices that are in contrast to yours try instead of criticising remember to focus on baking your own pie and accept that they are baking their own! It doesn’t have to have the same flavour as yours.

When we accept that we are millions of bakers, in our own kitchens, baking pies at the same time, choosing our own flavours and creating THE most wonderful aromas, when we get that we’re all perfectly imperfect cooks those realisations are the ones that will finally create ‘The ties that bind.’

Bliss-ings & Much love

Insightful Angel 

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