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Pauline’s Personal Development Seminars are designed and delivered to empower every delegate that attends. Have you ever asked yourself: ‘Why am I here?’ OR wondered ‘Is there more to life than this?’

Pauline did. She found the answers and is now creating her destiny…

She found the answers and now she is sharing what she has learnt…

Pauline’s aim is to serve, her deepest desire is to help others find out exactly what their purpose is and to go out into the world and share it. Her aim is to make sure delegates leave her seminars inspired and motivated and equipped to take action.

Previous seminar attendees have commented on the power of her well-chosen words and how these words connect to the very heart of every person in the room. Rarely do delegates leave without acquiring a renewed sense of belief in themselves, in their life’s purpose, their abilities and their vision for life they truly wish for.

  • First hour  = £300
  • Each subsequent hour or part thereof
  •               = £90

Seminars she delivered are presented in a 4 hour period at the most. Pauline prides herself on her authentic message and ensures all delegates, leave feeling they have all the information, insights and tools they need to move forward once the seminar has ended.

She is proud to share that her Seminars have been called ‘Inspirational’ 

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