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2012-08-12 09.24.05Personal Development Workshops delivered by Pauline Tomlin are transformative. Each workshop begins the process of transformation and change. Through her personally designed 8-step ‘Chrysalis’ process, attendees are re-connected to their passions and creativity and then guided to uncover their purpose.

Once aware of your purpose and connected to your passions, you are able to take the first steps towards  the fulfilling life, career and partnership you seek and secretly know you deserve, yet it has eluded you until now.

Taking part in one of Pauline’s workshops is a must if you dream of finding out what your gift is. How and what you can give to society and finally, to find out what your purpose is in this life.

If you long to find the ‘YOU you’ve always dreamed of being.

If you’re impatient to step into your brightest and best future.

Then sign up for one of Pauline’s transformative Personal Development Workshops.

You will leave the workshop perfectly positioned to ‘Step into you magnificence’ and live your best life.

  •  Full Day = £750
  • up to 6 hours
  • Half Day = £400
  • Up to a max 4 hours

A workshop designed, created and delivered by Pauline Tomlin is a memorable event that will transform your relationship with yourself; with your organisation, your family & friends and ultimately with Life itself!

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