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As a coaching practitioner. Pauline insists on taking the time to get to know her coachee, to understand fully their objectives and desired outcomes.

There will be an initial consultation, in which detailed case notes are taken and the customer given the space and freedom to fully express  what it is they hope to gain from the process. A complete profile is created outlining the desires, ambitions, and visions of the client.

This first consultation, therefore carries a slightly higher charge as more of Pauline’s time and ability is given in this session.

Pauline’s approach to coaching is both practical, intuitive and insightful. If you really want help to change some aspect of your life, she will challenge you to honour your commitment to yourself and the process, guiding you, the client to find solutions that you are capable of carrying out, that are devised by you and more importantly, will work for you.

In this way you will be more committed to achieving the results you want. When we sign on to a decision and wholeheartedly work out plan of action then nothing is impossible!

Although sessions can be booked individually, if the client is truly committed to change, they will realise that is it unlikely they will achieve the results they desire with one or two meetings.

Pauline’s deepest wish is that after being coached by her, her customers feel they have achieved their goals and that with Pauline they were partners in a supportive, focused and powerful process of transformation.

It is recommended that at least four sessions are booked in advance, this is not, however obligatory.

The Personal and Professional Coaching Price list is as follows:

Initial consultation: £75

(Minimum of 1 1/2 hour and up to two hours)

Personal Development Coaching:                   £75-250/hr

Small Business Coaching:                           £150-250/hr

Youth, Parent & Education* Coaching          £60-100/hr

*Academic institutions: Schools/Colleges/Youth/Justice/Community/Education Authorities



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