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Nearly all of us need, at some point in our lives to ask for the support of others so we can achieve our goals, hopes and dreams. Many are lucky enough to have supportive family and friends, yet at times, as loving as they are they are not able to create enough distance to guide you and help you to create REAL change in your world.

At such times we need to reach out to others. Motivation specialists, human drives experts and professionals trained to support you through periods of change or transition.

Pauline Tomlin is one such Specialist.

Her years in advertising gave her insight to what persuades people to take action.

As a  singer, performer and latterly a Secondary School teacher for nearly a decade, she became skilled at self-motivation. Acquiring along the way a deep understanding of how the mind can affect our ability to create our goals.

Through her own struggles, she has learnt some powerful lessons and gone on to meet her personal goals and create her personal vision of her life.

In addition she motivates her students to produce some quite astonishing results.

All this has meant that she is now able to teach her clients how to tap into and destroy their limiting beliefs, move forward and produce lasting change in their lives.


Workshops delivered by Pauline Tomlin (Insightful-Angel) are mutually supportive. The aim of each workshop is to take the message delivered and through supportive group work, begin a process of transformation and change… (see individual page & pricing for more info)


Pauline’s seminars are all about empowerment and connection. Her primary purpose if for her attendees to leave inspired and motivated. Attendees to her seminars have commented on how her truths speak to the very heart…(see individual page & pricing for more info)


As a coaching practitioner. Pauline insists on taking the time to get to know her Coachee.

She conducts an first consultation, in which she takes detailed case notes. She then creates a thorough profile, which outlines the desires, ambitions, and visions of the client.

The profile is used to measure results.

To date no-one has requested a refund!

(see individual pages & pricing for more info)
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