Change – Overcoming fear, embracing the new

Happy Sunday all

swallowtail-butterfly-329086_150Everything Changes

Today, I’ve thought a lot about change and why it is a state that often causes such fear to rise within us. Everything changes… That’s a given…

Change happens automatically; events, people and situations are in a constant state of flux, yet to so many of us ‘Change’ is a word that often provokes the onset of irrational fear(s) and can be the catalyst for a many of our most deep-seated insecurities to erupt.

But why? Life has taught me that change is, more often than not, the Universe’s way of bringing you into a closer alignment with your truth and ultimately with your Soul’s purpose? Isn’t that what we are ultimately all striving to know? So why resist?

fear-299679_640Please…anything but change!

The idea of changing anything, is for many of us such a powerful fear that we will to induce accident, illness or breakdown to avoid it. Some of us isolate ourselves to the point of paranoia to avoid it, while others are just angry all the time, using our anger as a way of deflecting new ideas or people, opportunities or affections. In this way we cut ourselves off from creating real and powerful connections. At the same time we deepen our ‘Story.’ You know; that one about how no-one appreciates or helps us, or the one about being alone, or the one about how no-one can be trusted; then there’s the other one that says all men/women/teenagers/ lawyers/mothers/…blah blah are all…whatever it is we feel we are justified in bemoaning. Well, hell yeah! If you reject everything, (resist change), and live in fear; sooner or later everything and everyone will get the message and guess what they will… LEAVE YOU THE HELL ALONE!. Ergo…you get exactly what you wished for. NO CHANGE.

cat-245750_640 Fear kills.

The fear of change is powerful, so much so that, for many of us, it kills our natural spirit of adventure and curiosity. It freezes out the wonder and petrifies the hope. I have always wondered why this is… I have, since childhood, been a naturally curious person. I’ve desired and often welcomed change. You could say I was easily bored and so was always investigating and probing. This trait for a child in a rather strict household is not necessarily a good thing! As a young child I was often told that I was ‘nosey,’ ‘knew too much,’ ‘was showing people up,’ (usually from the adults who were unable to answer my questions), or I was, in no uncertain terms, told to simply ‘SHUT UP!’

Impossible? or I’m Possible? street-sign-141396_150

But change has been something I have naturally embraced; some would say to the point of stupidity and that it is this frivolous part of my nature which lead to me never realising my true potential. “Ah ha!!”, but I know better. I have, as I said before, found the prospect of change exciting and still continue to seek new direction if I find myself in a place where I am not developing, not learning and/or not contributing. I constantly try new enterprises and experiences and have found my life being enriched by these experiences, not diminished. For change, to me, offers POSSIBILITY. The idea of change means you get to start again; a ‘DO OVER’ the Americans call it, I think? So why not embrace it? Think about it.

Want, want, want.balloon-104610_640

So many of us simply WANT. We want to:

        • Improve the way we live
        • Have a better body
        • Gain greater financial freedom
        • Improve our health
        • Find the ideal relationship/perfect partner.

The list goes on… balloon-104612_640

Yet so many of us find it hard to take action and instead we simply talk about it. How many people do you know who are constantly desiring a change in some aspect of their lives AND actually get up and DO something about it? balloon-104608_640

Talk is cheap

Talk is easy…Too easy.  eyes-35616_640 As the old adage goes ‘Talk is cheap.’ If you’re a person who knows there’s more to life, more to you and you WILL NOT settle for being less than you know you can be or have the ability to achieve; if you’re a person who, like me, despite errors of judgement, mistakes, trips and slip-ups, feels you have no choice but to keep on trying, ‘keep on keeping on’ because there is nothing else and you WILL NOT stop until you make the life you see so clearly in your mind’s eye a reality: then you, my friend, are a person who has no other option than to embrace change. Nothing was ever conceived of or created without some form of change taking place.

The power to choose, the power to change    direction-255294_150

Change is beautiful. Through change some of our most wonderful insights are received. Through change some of our most memorable moments are created. Through change we learn and in learning we move forward. Let’s take an everyday example; the birth of my children… for each of my amazing children to be born, my body had to change. My stomach swelled, my hormone balance shifted, my hair and nails grew, my weight increased. Oh the wonder of those changes! With every change I experienced a deeper appreciation for my body, a greater understanding of my physiology and a more profound love for the life that I was creating and the body I had been gifted! For any of us to finally have that dream job, life, perfect partner we have to open up to accepting… Accepting the abundance that is waiting to deliver itself to us and CHANGE our thoughts around feelings of unworthiness.

butterfly-108616_150The wonder of change

To have wealth we need to applaud the successes of others. CHANGE our feelings of resentment and congratulate them on their ambition, drive, passion and perseverance. Value their persistence and know that in so doing the same energy which fell into alignment for them is waiting for you to CHANGE your thoughts so it can serve you too. For the perfect relationship we need to CHANGE or feelings of jealousy, be happy for them and smile knowing that their ‘feel good feelings’ and abundant love are proof that such abundance exists. If they can manifest those feelings and affections then so can you. So, the next time you are presented with an opportunity; perhaps a friend introduces you to a life-changing business idea; perhaps you are given the chance to start something noble but small; perhaps they would like you to meet a new person or check out a new group; perhaps you are given the opportunity to serve your community in some way… Rather than reject, consider CHANGE. If you shift your immediate reaction from one of disdain and thoughts of ‘impossible?’ – what could you create; what could happen; how could your life change for the better? Remember “impossible” can also can be written:

“I’m Possible” yes-238378_150

Make your attitude one of openness and give any new idea some thought before you dismiss it. Catch it, look at it. Have you reacted from a place of fear or from a place of considered thought and careful soul-searching? Does this feel exciting? Are you filled with tremors of nervousness? If so, it’s a sure bet you should go right ahead and do the damned thing and that the universe will bring you what you need when you need it. It may just be THE very thing that shifts your life in the direction you want it to go. That very openness is the green light, a signal to the universe that you are ready to receive all the wealth, health and abundance that it has reserved for you. So, for today… CHANGE one (negative) thought, build momentum, CHANGE one habit, CHANGE your life!

Insightful Angel


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