For those who may be struggling with their truth


Today I am sad and miserable and blue

Today I am hurt and don’t know what to do

Today I grieve, I lost my greatest hero

Today I’m lost, I’m weary and low.

Today, I have no idea who I am

Today I am shaking, a soon-slaughtered lamb

I don’t know why I’m here, nor how I should be

I want to free myself

from always trying to be…

The best, the perfect, version of me


Though I know, I’ll swell like a blimp, I wanna eat biscuits and bread and chips and Ice-cream and stuff it ALL down, coz you see feelings like these are alien to me.

I don’t know what to do, to express and let go I just don’t now how and it’s killing me slow

Today I want to be open and real and raw and wide and honest and open and true

Today… Can I give myself permission to spew

My a.u.t.h.e.n.t.i.c.i.t.y?

The hurt and regret for the Me, still unknown

The me wringing hands, confused and undone,

for the life I still seek, for the seeds not yet sown?

Will I have time?


Today I wonder; When will it feel right?

But surely by now I shouldn’t be so uptight?

Today I wonder why, who, when, what, where and how?

Do I truly have the power to manifest the glory I vowed?


Though I know the theory and I feel it in my bones…

We are pure essence, pure beauty, pure connection, pure love,

It’s just out of reach, out of sync

So Remote…

Today I don’t want pity or sympathy or comfort or speech

Today, just for one day

I just want to be free

Of every expectation I’ve ever placed on me.

I want to sit by a lake in my fear and be soothed, open up to the breeze and admit

I don’t KNOW!

For today, I want to love me, snuggle up to myself & find the key…

Unlock the door to MY my talents, my gifts, my inner, my peace

the me I am waiting…

No, yearning to see


And today

just for one day

This is ME…

This is the best, the very best I can be…

And Today

(perhaps just for today)


is A-OK

Blissings & Much Love

Insightful Angel






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  1. Wow…love this! So true but so easily forgotten. After reading this I asked many friends and family who THEY are and it would always begin by either their job, their relationship to others etc. so then I would ask again, this time emphasising the YOU and they would look at me puzzled as if I was speaking in some unknown language. But how can I say anything to them when I ask myself that question I don’t know the reply. Journey of self discovery must begin…thank you xx

    • You’re very welcome Saima and yes, he realisation that you cannot answer that question is the start of your self-discovery journey. Once you step forward into it though you may come to realise that finding your passion and purpose may actually mean eschewing practically everything you knew yourself to be. Its pretty scary, but thrilling and like a Phoenix (excuse the cliché) you will be re-born and soar faster and higher than you ever thought possible. The other surprising thing is that the revelations you have as you discover about your passion and creativity, may well be things that close family and friends who know you say “Well Duh?!” to and you wonder if it was that obvious to them why you didn’t see it sooner. Interesting times ahead lovely <3