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This post will be a brief one, but I just couldn’t, despite doctors orders, leave it too long before I communicated again. One thing to know about me is, that when the universe wants me to pay attention I will become ill in some way. Fortunately for me that hasn’t been too often, but when I need to attend to something or I need a ‘wake up call’ something happens to my physical body. I am then forced to slow down or stop and that’s when I start being really, really still.

macro-319237_1920In stillness, you know I’ve said it before, is when the ‘stuff’ comes up that we need to look at or work on. So, if you’re life feels ‘still’ or you’re ‘bored’ as my pupils are perpetually telling m they are, then be thankful, because you’re in a place of opportunity, a place where you can decide over again and choose differently if the ones you made to date haven’t served you.

You’re in a place where you can create your situation again and become NEW.

This is me: Feeling much like a pin-cushion and very sore!

IMAG1910You can’t do much without the use of your hands and fingers, so much of the last two weeks I have just been sitting or ‘doing’ at a very, v e r y s l o o o o o w pace.

I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…

The Median nerve, which runs from the shoulder down the forearm and into the middle fingers, is being compressed. The nerve travels though the carpal tunnel. This tunnel is like an elastic band across the wrist that holds all those little bones and nerves in place so they’re not just bouncing around. The compression (soreness and swelling due to overuse)

As there now less room in this small space due to the swelling, there is more pressure on the bones and especially the nerves; less room for all that stuff to fit under the band. This causes numbness and pain in the fingers and at the wrist and in worsening and severe cases up the forearm and into the shoulder. Left unchecked it leads to the loss of strength and eventually permanent damage to the nerves meaning you lose the ability to manipulate or use your fingers. Not good!


2014-04-29 18.35.30Doing anything involving my hands means I immediately experience more pain and numbness. Night times are the worst. The pain is excruciating and wakes me several times a night, but less about my suffering and back to the lessons it’s teaching me (and I said I’d be brief!)

On the physical, logical level it’s about repetitive strain from doing the same actions over and over, for a long, long time. Too much marking and heavy bag carrying and typing (which is why I need to make this brief)

According to Louise Hay – Who asserts that every physical manifestation is the result of thoughts and emotions we have had continuously over time and these thoughts and emotions have created a physical manifestation of those thoughts, she says:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Anger and frustration at life’s seeming injustices.

I guess she could be right!

cropped-girl-863340_1280.jpgI have been very saddened by some of the things I see happening in today’s society, especially when the weak or poor or disadvantaged are being even more poorly treated or kicked around, but what I’m being reminded of in my stillness, is that my focus should always be to deal with what’s in front of me in the here and now.

To Focus on the trajectory and direction of My life and mine alone.

There’s no point worrying about what’s ‘OUT THERE’ or what ‘OTHERS’ are doing to the point where I become emotional about it.

  1. Because this means I am not being the Captain of my ship, my hand is not on the tiller of MY LIFE, so I’m not, therefore, steering my life, on purpose
  2. Usually too, it means I’m criticising or judging (albeit unintentionally) I will be unhappy with the actions or policies of some system or government or organisation and that is judging.
  3. These thoughts are creating negative energy
  4. waves-circles-285359_1280If I am the pebble and the universe is the lake into which I have been dropped then this energy is the energy that is rippling out in front of me.
  5. Those concentric rings surround the pebble and resonate out far beyond the physical boundary of the pebble. So this: judgement, criticism, holding back, resentment is the energy the pebble, (me/you) moves forward into. (I know the pebble will simply sink), but you get the analogy!
  6. ‘I’ am the pebble and I move forwards into that energy, into the minutes, days, months and years of my life; into the energy I created perhaps months or years ago and if I continue to focus on this energy, I add to those ripples making them stronger ripples, ripples that makes the surface of the lake choppier, rougher and harder to navigate.

So in closing; deal with YOUR here and now. Even if you have a mission to change the world it starts with YOU.

Your example, what you do, how you speak, what you say influences not only the trajectory of your future, but others too as they adjust their tiller and make their choices anew. So perhaps you will, simply by being in control your own thoughts and actions, indeed Change the world!

Blissings & Much love

Insightful Angel




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