Letter to my younger self II

Happy Sunday all,

I ended up thinking of so many other things I could advise my younger self to do, say or be; that one post seemed wholly inadequate and so this week I’m sharing the second of my posts, advising the younger me on the surest pathway to authenticity, truth and happiness. As thoughts and insights whizzed and pinged in my brain, one insight kept re-winding and repeating over and over and that was:

“It’s about the people in our lives…choose wisely”

Dear Angel,

hands-1022028_1280In your early years you of course had no choice in the people in your life, but what I now realise is that good, bad or indifferent, they were our university. They were the mirrors that reflected back to us the qualities, habits and behaviours we could choose to adopt or ditch.

What we now realise we were doing was creating the woman we are today, sometimes as a reaction against the behaviours and habits in front of us, sometimes because of them. Either way they were valuable and helped us mould ourselves into whom we are today.

You did a good job, we’re not so bad really, I think we did OK!

It’s the people in our lives.. choose wisely

shadow-198682_1280As you grow into wisdom, choose carefully those people you have a round you. NEVER feel pressured to be with, follow or do the bidding of someone who is boosting their ego and lack of inner esteem by bullying others or putting them down.

The people around you should make you feel energised, light and supported. Not criticised, chastised or downright low after you’ve spent time with them. If you don’t feel like this, let them go if they’re friends, love them from a distance yourself if they’re family.

The Crowd

Don’t follow the crowd, unless the way their going is the one that’s right for you. In fact no…Just DON’T follow the crowd. EVER!

london-1018629_1280Firstly, it means you can’t see where you’re going and you have no control and secondly, you’ll waste years thinking you’re being ‘on trend’ or ‘with it’ only to find when the crown stops or the ‘trend’ dies out and you look around you’re not where you wanted to be.

Not only this, ‘trends’ have habit of constantly shifting and you’ll just get exhausted trying to keep up and who creates them anyway? Anyone who needs followers’ in order to feel good about themselves obviously feels lacking in some way, so what the hell do they have to offer you or anyone else if they don’t even have anything about themselves they believe in?


On Being ‘Sexy’

No amount of money or make-up or designer clothing will make you sexier, more loveable or more likeable…

Trust me on this one: THE absolute Sexiest thing in the world is someone who is confident in their abilities, likes who they are and is Comfortable in their own skin!

Now THAT is irresistible!


Spend time with them…

Your parents, your grandparents…


Our bodies may be ageing, but we still feel the same as we did when we were in our twenties. We now have a magical combination; the heart and sensibilities of a young person, coupled with the wisdom acquired from making mistakes, seeing others do the same and can advise you with insight. Not only that we love you more than you could ever know and hold nothing but your best in our hearts and minds for you. We would NEVER steer you wrong.


I know it’s a cliché and everyone says it, but it’s a phrase becomes a cliché because it is consistently proven which is why people say them over an over again: But, Without your health, there is nothing.’

Health is the salt of life. It gives it flavour. Without it life is left tasteless and bland.

  • The first thing to do is Sleep. When we sleep we heal, when we get the sleep we need we are lighter, brighter, more creative.
  • Drink more Water, we’re still not the greatest at this, but we’re getting better. Dehydration ages you and causes you to feel lethargic and lacking in energy
  • Read more booksREAD, READ, READ there is SO much to know about life, people, love and everything.
  • I’d advise you to Stop drinking milk…Sorry but despite the culture and the norm it’s just no good for you.
  • Eat as much plant-based food as possible.
  • Be in nature whevever you can it’s soothing and calming and you’d be amazed the solutions that come to you when you’re surrounded by the lilting sounds of nature
  • De-clutter…It clears your mind and makes you feel lighter
  • Take care of your knees! No seriously, they’re so vital to the functioning of the rest of your physique.
  • Be Still… Find a way to turn your thoughts inward. Or just ‘Be’ in that space. By doing this you stay tuned to your inner navigation system, your intuition and learn to trust yourself and your decisions.
  • Be in the Sun…regularly and for extended periods of time, especially if you have Melanin. The sun makes everyone feel JOY.

And so in the end…

coast-631925_1280In closing Angel, my last words of advice to you would be to remember to open your heart. Remember no one ever died of a broken heart. You WILL recover and will be stronger, wiser and more grateful for the experience you have just been through.

So, for now, I think I’ve said all I need to.

Remember: You can’t control others, so don’t try to, don’t sweat the small stuff, really the little things don’t matter in the scheme of things and…

Look after your KNEES!

Blissings & Much love

Insightful Angel






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