Finding Family

Happy Sunday All,

This week I intended to give you the second instalment of ‘letting go a pathway to peace’ but the last few days have taught me a most valuable, indeed THE most valuable lesson and so today I’m sharing that here with you. Finding family is your key to being accepted for who you are and stepping into the light of your full being.

When you find your family you finally come home

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves

– Edna Buchanan

You can’t choose your family…

boy-502207_1280We don’t choose our families. I’m sure many of you wish you could. It may not be that you don’t love, honour and respect them, it probably isn’t that you cannot enjoy happy and playful times with them, however sometimes, just sometimes, navigating your way through the family you were born into is sometimes one of the most challenging life journeys you undertake.

Are you one of the many who feel displaced, disconnected and simply misunderstood when in the ‘bosom of your family?’  Perhaps sometimes you made felt like some strange ‘feral’ child who was found on the doorstep after wandering in the wilderness and although they love and care for you they never really ‘get you.’ You’ve spent most of your life reshaping and reforming yourself…a perpetual contortionist desperately trying to ‘do the right thing that will gain approval and acceptance; (a habit which you can then end up taking into your life outside the family) only to find that the more you do, the more quizzical the looks the more dis-approval you attract.

You’re OK…

The key thing to realise, that can take many of us  long time to recognise is that YOU ARE OK! 

So they don’t really ‘get you,’ you have a different outlook on life and ‘yes’ I get that it has been a challenge to find a sense of place and self through all of it, but the good news is that this challenge is given to you so that you can recognise, strive and fight for and accept the complete ‘YOU.’

You see, after a while you completely get that finding family isn’t an accident. That ‘family’ is not a one-dimensional word that means those members of the human race who are sired from the same gene pool are the very people who provide the most nurturing or best or easiest environment for you to thrive.


You see, like the butterfly as is struggles and pushes to find it’s way out of the Chrysalis, so you, if you too will be forced to push against some form of struggle. If you are to be true to who you are and know without doubt, who you are to this world;  if you are to have a rock solid core and belief in yourself, you need resistance.

This resistance is the ‘life gym.’ The space where you learn to lift 80kg, one kilo at a time.

Stronger by the day…one day at a time.

buddha-169511_1280Sacred Space

Finding Family means being in a body of love and friendship from those individuals who hold a sacred space in which you are given permission to flower into the fullness of your being.

This space is unconditional. These people create a space in which you can release the holding and the looking over your shoulder and the second guessing; a space in which you feel watered and feel the sun on your face. a space where there is support and in these conditions you know you are free to grow and fully realise who you are meant to be in this world… unconditionally… completely.


As I compose this on the 2.03m from King’s Cross to Leeds on 25th January 2015 and reflect, I can do nothing but offer my up sincerest gratitude to the creator for this weekend. Over the last three days I was fortunate enough to find a family, not my blood family, you understand, but a family never-the-less.

A family who can perform magic; a family who hold a space for each member to find and evolve into their best self,.. no judgement.

colour-pencils-450621_1280Getting to the point

I’m speaking to those of you now, who feel all the frustration and isolation you experience when you’re misunderstood. Those of you who have spent a decade, two, three, four or even five (or more) wondering when you’ll finally be in that space where you can exhale and just be because you know you’ve found ‘the’ family. The family you need to enable you to be all that you can be.

The point I’m making is… hold on.

Stay hopeful because your patience will be rewarded.

When it is you will realise that it was ‘perfect’ timing. That you now have all the tools and all the knowledge and all the grace to be who you were truly meant to be and because of this, the mist has cleared and the loving help and guidance you have always hope for has finally appeared.

Love the family you were born too, but perhaps from a distance.

Honour & Cherish the family you’ve found.

Finding family will mean that at long last you know…

You’ve come home!

Dedicated to Shaa Wasmund:

 and the One retreat Sisterhood:

Forever in-gratitude and love!

Blissings & Much love

Insightful Angel


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    1. Blissings Dave and thank you for your loving support. I truly hope so. I do this purely because I have learnt lessons in life and want to pass them on to to others in the hope that they will help them on their journey x

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