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As you’ve come to know me through my writing here in this blog, you’ll have realised that I have a resolute faith in the infinite potential we have as human beings. You know I believe unity is the key to us achieving lives filled with service, support and love for one another and the creatures we live alongside.

You will have gathered that I believe we are powerful, light and deserve abundance and that this is achievable for all. You’ve come to understand that my conviction is firm in the knowledge that we are all deserving of this abundant life, but most of all, you will have learned that through my intuition and through the lessons I have learnt in life, that I have an absolute and unwavering belief that we are ONE human family.

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Yesterday I was privileged to attend an event which exemplified my long held beliefs.

This event was proudly hosted in my home town of Leeds, England. At this event the power and beauty of unity was perfectly demonstrated. Afrika Bambaataa, the ‘Godfather’ of Hip Hop graced my home town with his presence and as such, Leeds City Museum became a hub of love, acceptance, fun and peace for all.

The event was a powerful reminder that I am on the right path, that WE as a human family can come together for the betterment of us all and that ultimately ‘Love is all you need.’

I saw mothers, fathers, grandparents; aunties, uncles, children and grandchildren; melanin tinted hues of Ebony, Cocoa, Coffee, Toffee,Vanilla, White Chocolate and Cream; Solicitors, musicians, activists, teachers; Djs, Home-makers, B-Boys, B-Girls & Preachers; Photographers, writers, security guards & cleaners come together to pay homage. They came to reminisce, to sing; to laugh, to dance and show love and it was a beautiful, beautiful thing…

To witness this real-life demonstration, the living embodiment, that unity is the key to creating a society and a world that supports, loves & is of benefit to us all.

Old SkoolOld skool trainer

Through the unifying force that is music and in particular Hip Hop, we were schooled yesterday in how this musical genre in particular, brings unity hope, joy and change to individuals and communities.

Those of you in the know will be aware that the ‘old skool’ Hip Hop originated by the ‘Father,’ Kool Herc and the great ‘Godfather’ himself, who created the name ‘Hip Hop,’ Afrika Bamabaataa, saw their music as a force for unity and positive social change.

I remember in my younger days, just before babies, being shocked, moved and galvanised by the call to action in Public Enemy’s ‘Fight the Power,’ and relating to the feelings of oppression and fatalism expressed in ‘Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s’ The Message. Later on I was empowered by Queen Latifah’s U.N.I.T.Y and amused rightly or wrongly by the overt and cheeky ‘Salt N Pepa.’

Back in the day

I was reminded how much fun this thing called ‘Hip Hop’ is.

It reminded me and the likes of me who, if I’m honest skirted on the fringes of the movement, (in between having babies) why I no longer listen to it.

Today’s expression of Hip Hop, with it’s mysogyny, separatism, negativity, focus on money, violence ‘bling’ and ‘Gangsta’ attitude is so far removed from the original message the Hip Hop originals formulated ‘back in the day.’

The most deeply moving aspect of the day was the dedication to the movement and it’s core message of love and unity that these, now middle aged men and women were still passionately expressing, as well as being surrounded by cross-generational, cross-cultural and religious conversation and laughter. You couldn’t help but be drawn in by the love and acceptance so clearly felt in that auditorium.

Deeply movedSad-Face

We see the influence of Hip Hop everywhere these days and casually take it for granted. From TV advertisements for major retailers like Argos (check out this year’s Christmas advertisement) to the Evian Roller Babies campaign. This has the effect of diluting the message, so we lose the true essence of what the movement was about. Once again the media machine takes a form that was liberating, from the people and of the people to absorb it, transform it and spew it out into a message of commercialism.

A media opiate numbing us to the fact that our freedoms are being eroded and our lives even further constricted.

However, yesterday was an oasis of hope that those of us who believe we are more alike than different, that love unifies; it showed us we are not alone. Showed us that there are like-minded individuals using whatever medium is best suited to their expression of love out there, doing their ‘thang.’ Hip Hop is just one of those forms of expression, seek out the ones that best suit you and keep the message alive.

I was deeply moved by a video by and organisation called ‘Hip Hop4Hope’ who are enriching the lives of poor children in Manilla in the Philippines through the medium of Hip Hop and it’s message of Love and Unity. Take a look and support them and whomever you feel best express truth and love.

Working together

Let’s remind ourselves that we are here to love and support one another.

To work together for the furtherance of peace, love and unity.

I have to say a massive ‘Thank you.’ to Afrika Bambaataa for being the example and tireless advocate of these sentiments for over 40 years; To Zulu ‘King’ Monk for being the driver and organiser of the event, to Emma Walker for her tireless determination to see the project come to fruition and her indomitable spirit and a massive thank you to The Universal Zulu Nation UK and all those who did a wonderful job giving this ‘old gal’ a well needed shot in the arm of community loving, for reminding me just what ‘FUN’ is and re-affirming that whatever medium you choose, whoever you are or wherever you are all we need to remember is that

Unity is the Key!


Much love and blessings

Insightful Angel


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