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This post recalls a day, a few months ago, when I felt a profound feeling of gratitude I thought today, this Sunday, would be an appropriate time to share the events, thoughts and feelings from that day with you, in the hope that what I write here today supports you on the rest of your journey.

I’m sure you’ve experienced a time in your life when everything just seemed to fit. Everything was easy and you experienced a sense of peace.

It may have been some form of sport you were playing and every member of the team seemed are working in synch; the action played itself out in slow motion and from player to player there was a complete connectedness. Or perhaps you were writing or creating something and you suddenly found yourself in a rhythm, a hypnotic, almost meditative flow.


It was boxing day, 26th December 2013 when even though I have read many texts and attended many seminars that explained the path to a fulfilled, happy life, I somehow suddenly ‘got it.’ The pieces of the jigsaw fell into place and I was lucky enough to understand when and how those principles had been at worked throughout my life.

Though we can learn about a concept or an idea and know a theory in principle, it is only when we ‘feel’ that principle or idea working in our life in some way, that the ‘click’ occurs and we are able to feel connected to that universal flow.

When you’re in the ‘flow’ you no longer feel as though you have several of the pieces of the jigsaw missing, that you’re not quite connecting.

person-110305_150All day I was overcome by two overwhelming feelings:

One was GRATITUDE and the other, well all I can describe it as, was JOY.

It was an overwhelming feeling of being happy, at peace and feeling so so lucky to have what I have.

For one day I wasn’t constantly contemplating how to create success, a new career, wealth, health etc., an ever-recurring series of thoughts, that nearly all of us are too pre-occupied with, left me and I felt a complete acceptance of where I was in that precise moment.

I began to focus solely on what I DID HAVE instead of what I felt was missing from my life.

It was an illuminating experience and one I felt I should share, as I’m convinced  it is the way to create not only a better mood, but to conjure up that condition of ‘being in the flow’ and attracting more of what we want in our lives.


On that day, once I’d connected with that feeling, whatever had gone before in my life seemed redundant.

I was enveloped in what I can only describe as a shroud of thankfulness – Gratitude.

I guess I’d call it Grace.

I’ve never know what those people who are religious mean when they talk about a state of grace and I had assumed it was something that only those of us who have a faith and have a religious practise would experience, but not someone like me.

The biblical epic perceptionstained-glass-72960_150 (1)

Thanks to Hollywood and the vivid depictions of biblical events in which God/Universe speaks via a specially selected person who is invariably accompanied by dramatic weather as a backdrop. We imagine that when the divine or spirit or ‘grace,’ touches us, our experience will be just like that. Monumental. thunderbolts are followed by rolling thunder, overwhelming emotions will engulf us. We imagine too, that the heavens will open and strange and unusual events will occur.

I however, I think that spirit is much more intelligent than that.

The divine touches us in more subtle, yet profound ways… Evidence of the divine appears in events that are not loud and crashing, but soothing, subtle and gentle.

Despite the subtlety, the divine permeates your very core and infuses every cell of your being until you literally feel as though you’re glowing with gratitude, faith, hope or joy…whatever emotion it is that you’re experiencing in that moment, you simply feel it.

Inside & out.


On the day I mentioned, I woke up reasonably early, completed a full Yoga workout for an hour or so and then meditated for what seemed like another full hour.

I drifted into a meditative state quite quickly and almost immediately I felt a wave, a rush of emotion sweep over me.

A huge swell of thankfulness.

This thankful feeling grew and grew. I began to feel so very happy to be in the space I found myself in.

I was happy for the state of health I was experiencing, blessed to have my children, my mother, my father, sister and friends, but this feeling of gratitude felt strange. Was this what if I grace was present?

I say strange because I realise I was feeling grateful not just for the positives I mentioned, but this feeling was also seeping into every experience in my life, even the horrific and uncomfortable ones.

Yes, I was feeling grateful for all the horrors too!

I wanted to come out of the reverie, as it felt alien, however I struggled and settled and then surrendered to it.

The longer I stayed bathed in the feeling the clearer things became.

It all counts…water-209901_150

I realised that EVERYTHING I had experienced in my life had led me to that precise moment, that precise time in my life and it was THAT MOMENT that I felt grateful for. So yes, of course, everything I’d experienced, even the horrors in my life had were appreciated and thanked for bringing me to the exact point, on that day.

For the most of that day, I was floating, light and in a playful mood.

I was content.

The most unusual thing though, was that everywhere I went and everything I did  seemed to throw up events or people who provided even more events and memories I could be grateful for, opportunities to whisper to myself and to the universe a huge ‘thank you.’

‘Thank you’ for who I was, where I was, whom I was with, how my life had manifest up to that point.

Importantly, I had a sense of surety that the abundant future I was trying to create was on its way to me.

It was a feeling like no other and convinced me that spirit and grace were walking with me. I gained clarity of thought that day and ideas I had previously had, became much

Gratitude is: the energy that creates our lives.

The petrol that fuels our abundance engine.

The more grateful we are for what we have and where we are, the more swiftly what we wish for comes to us. Then  we are given more and more and more opportunities to say ‘Thank you.’

If we are grateful we receive more abundance, more events, gifts and people, appear in our lives, that we feel grateful for…

So we feel compelled to say:

‘Thank you, for all I have, all I am and all I will be.’

The path to fulfilling your dreams is laid with cobblestones of gratitude.

So, my message today is propel yourself closer to your desires, your hopes and your dreams through the spirit of thankfulness.


Start today…go on…just say ‘Thank you.’thank-you-140227_640

When you feel more comfortable, speak out loud all the things you are thankful for, or if you’re shy of speaking out, for fear you’ll be thought of as mad, then write it all down.

You’ll find your life starting to run more smoothly, as these feelings of gratitude increase. You’ll become addicted because they feel so good, so good that you’ll want to stay bathed in them.

You’ll find you won’t be able to stop finding more and more reasons to be grateful.

The feelings that well up inside are so beautiful you’ll want to weep.

There are always opportunities for thankfulness opportunities to make a change, to see the best in a situation and learn the lesson it wants to share with you.

Remember the quote from the film ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.’

Everything will be all right in the end and if it’s not all right, then it’s not the end.’

Blessings and love

Insightful Angel

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