Introduction & ‘LOVE’

Happy Sunday & Easter blessings to you all

Let me introduce myself to you

My name is Pauline Tomlin (Insightful Angel) …My aim with this blog, is to share my journey to happiness, calm and self-acceptance with the world and to help as many people as I can tap into their own magnificence and power; live lives that abound with energy and love, create a dynamic connection to the divine and to simply be the very best selves they can be. pauline-tomlin

Crisis or Challenge? stamp-114438_150

Through a series of challenges and simply by being around long enough, you learn a few lessons about life. In times of stress or crisis your path at such times can go one of two ways…to self-destruction, resentment at the poor hand you’ve been dealt, bitterness, anger and frustration OR, as in my case, you can keep moving, stay positive, despite seemingly unending trials and setbacks; continue to learn, constantly refining and improving, determined that one day you’ll find the key to a blissful life. Then one day… just when you think that it’s just not going to happen, that the naysayers and dream stealers were right, you suddenly find yourself connecting… You finally connect to that intangible flow and all the pieces start to fit.

Commitment to you   yes-68480_150

I have made a commitment to myself and to you, and that commitment is to dedicate my life from this moment to serving others. I want to to help you… yes YOU, if you will allow me, to learn from me, my lessons and my challenges, and to find your way through to where I am now. That is a place of acceptance, bliss and love; Love of self, love of humanity, love for the life you’ve been gifted and a life of extreme gratitude for everything, yes EVERYTHING (including the challenges) life sends you. Challenges help you to gain a better understanding of how to live blissfully and peacefully with yourself and others and ultimately come to love yourself. Once you love yourself, you are free of fear. Freedom from fear means we find the strength to break out and live the passionate, full, abundant life we are all entitled to.

My gift gift-147780_150

I have often been told I have a gift for getting to the root of an issue and an instinct for helping others see the truth behind their thoughts and actions. Through a series of synchronicities I have been guided to used this gift to uplift others, to mentor and guide them towards finding and being the best ‘selves’ they can be.  That means helping others  to find the key to living the life that they deserve, just as I have. It also means breaking free of a life of ‘quiet desperation’ and the need to stay seated on the Merry-go-round, because they’re afraid of what they’ll encounter if they jump off.


All you need is love

LOVE is all there is. We are all meant to LOVE. Love is a natural human emotion, but how many of us can actually say we ‘Love’ ourselves? If we can’t love ourselves and I mean LOVE deeply and completely, appreciating our gifts, accepting who we are and trusting our inner knower when it guides us; how can we hope to truly believe and accept that another, outside of ourselves, loves us too?

  Your Journey to Self-Loveface-157398_150

This journey, the one which your heart is aching for (or else you wouldn’t have read this far), the journey to self-love, can be a challenge. We are all born open, as clear as a blank canvas simply responding to stimuli, and with no concept that we are not perfect. The fact is we are all perfect, different (as it should be), but perfect. As time passes and our exposure to others, their insecurities and programming, increases then we start to doubt our purity and our perfection. Before we know it we are wracked with insecurities and doubt. I have had an eventful life to say the least and my hope is that as you read about the lessons I have learnt, the insights I have gained, you will also receive insight into your own motivations and life. My hope is that you find a way back to loving yourself so beautifully and completely, that as a result, you find yourself resting in the greater peace and abundance that we are all here to receive. I hope you enjoy the teaching you find here! Yours Blissfully, Insightful Angel

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4 thoughts on “Introduction & ‘LOVE’”

    1. Thank you Lynne, my hope is that you’ll find beauty and insight in all future posts and that each one provides support to you and others this journey. Blessings x

  1. Absolutely amazing, insightful and touching words. I have personal experience of what a wise and living person you are and your blog mirrors that xxx

    1. Saima, thank you and many blessings. It’s an honour. It’s my sincerest wish to support others through the words on these pages. It’s an honour to serve <3

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